Langkoop Memorial Hall, North-West of Casterton, Victoria, Australia

Langkoop WW1 Soldier Settlers
Langkoop WW1 Soldier Settlers
On Saturday 11th November, 2006 at 11:00am John Forrest, Federal Member for Mallee unveilled a memorial stone in front of the Langkoop Memorial Hall, on the banks of the Mosquito Creek in far western Victoria. On the stone are the names of all the original returned servicemen on the 35 Elderslie Soldier Settlement blocks in 1920.

A grant was made available from the Department of Veterans Affairs Saluting their Service scheme, as an appropriate way to remember and honour the contribution of the ex-WW1 soldiers who obtained blocks on Elderslie Station, in the area south of Apsley now named Langkoop.

Many family descendants, residents and friends attended this service.

Additional names, addresses or telephone numbers from descendants who were unable to attend the service that may assist the committee's research will be appreciated.

Elderslie Pastoral Run Occupiers

Ref: "Pastoral Pioneers of Port Phillip" - Billis & Kenyon

ELDERSLIE, Wimmera No. 100, 64,000 acres, 15,000 sheep, head Mosquito Creek., 9 miles South of Apsley:- Mar. 1843, Wm. Wallace; 1857, Geo. Russell; June 1866, Rob. Lewis Bell and Stephen Vine Buckland; Jan. 1870, Rob. Bruce Ronald; July 1879, John Robertson, of Narracoote; Feb. 1883, Wm. Shiels, Alex. McEdward and John Robertson, executors John Robertson.

"Red Gums and Hard Yacca - A History of Elderslie and Langkoop 1843" - Author: Max Neale, published 1984.

This comprehensive book provides a very good coverage of the history of the area of Elderslie & Langkoop on the Mosquito Creek, including some information on the ex-WW1 soldier settlers and their families.

Soldier Settlers on "Elderslie Station" Scheme after WW1

The following is the list of successful applicants who were allocated blocks on 8th April 1920. A number of original settlers did not remain long on their blocks and were replaced by other applicants.
WW1 Soldier Settlers on Elderslie Station
8th April, 1920
Name on Memorial Stone Additional Information
ANSON, A Arthur John ANSON, b. 1889, Coleraine, S-W Victoria, son of Joseph George ANSON & Margaret McNICOL. Resided at carapook, S-W Vic and served in WW1 as Pte 4053, 23rd Battalion, AIF, enlisted 4 Aug 1915, embarked 7 Mar 1916, served in France (injured once, wounded twice), RTA 25 Jan 1919. Married in 1932 to Sylvia Catherine Blanche Margaret ROBERTS 1909-1970, of Casterton, 5 chn, died 1948 at Branxholme, buried in the Casterton Cemetery.
  • Named : Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.
  • Named : Carapook WW1 Honour Roll.

    John Edmund BENNETT, b. 1888, Millicent, S-E South Australia to John Michael BENNETT 1863-1921 and Elizabeth McGREGOR ~1861-1953. John BENNETT, a laborer of Nhill, Victoria enlisted at Horsham in the AIF in Feb, 1916, as Pte 402, 39th Battalion, sailed on the "Ascanius" from Melbourne and arrived in France in Nov. 1916. He was hospitalised in France in Aug. 1917 then in the UK and repatriated to Melbourne, Australia where he was discharged in Mar. 1918. John was allocated allotment 2, Wytwarrone parish, "Elderslie" Estate, and was still on his block in 1922. John BENNETT did not marry and he died at, and was buried at Naracoorte, SA in 1972.


    Murdock CAMPBELL, b. 1888, Romsey, Victoria, son of Lachlan CAMPBELL & Sarah McINNES. Served in WW1 as Dvr, 14702, 3rd Brigade Artillery, AIF, enlisted 30 Dec 1915, embarked 4 May 1916, RTA 16 Jan 1919. Married Maisie HORWOOD in 1929, buried in the Apsley Cemetery.


    William CAPLEHORN, b. ca1897, England, son of James Charles CAPLEHORN & Ann Mary PENFORD. Served in WW1 as Pte, 3789, 7th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 8 Jul 1915, Melbourne, Victoria, RTA 27 Aug 1917. He married Christina Swan FERRIER from Coleraine in 1919, she died at Edenhope in 1932 and William died at Kilmore in 1975. Son Wallace Ferrier CAPLEHORN served in WW2 and retired as a Lt Colonel from the Australian Army.


    Keith CATCHLOVE, b. 1893, Adelaide, South Australia, son of Albert Henry CATCHLOVE & Eva Rebecca McCULLOCH. Served in WW1 at Gallipoli as Pte 314, 3rd light Horse Field Ambulance, AIF, enlisted 19 Aug 1914, RTA 19 Jun 1916 with enteric fever. Re-embarked as Pte 30817, 8th/15th Field Artillery Brigades, served in France, gassed, RTA with rank of Sgt, 12 May 1919. In 1922 his property was known as "Carslake", Via Casterton. Keith CATCHLOVE married Eleanor Constance PHILIP in 1925, daughter of William PHILIP and Amelia Frances Jane HAMILTON. He died at Strathalbyn, South Australia in 1953.


    Jeremiah CLEARY, b. 1886 Co Cork, Ireland, son of Patrick CLEARY and Mary DEASY. He arrived with his parents ca 1888 and a number of siblings were born at Sandford 1889-1898. Served in WW1 as Pte 1252, 39th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 10-04-1916 Hamilton, Vic, RTA 27-05-1919. Jeremiah worked his Langkoop block for about 10 years before moving to Portland, ca 1930 with his parents.
  • Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.
  • Sandford S.S.1645 WW1 Honour Roll.
  • Sandford War Memorial

    David John CRABTREE, b. 1897, Goroke, Victoria, son of David Joseph CRABTREE & Demarus MARSH. Enlisted in the 1st AIF, no overseas service. Married Vera CHASTON in 1919 and they had 5 children.


    Herbert Oliver "Bert" CROUCH, b. 1887, Kaniva, Victoria, son of Frederick George CROUCH and Hannah Matilda THACKER. Bert was recorded as a contractor when he enlisted in the 1st AIF in 1915. He served as Pte 4164, 14th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 2 Aug 1915, Melbourne, embarked overseas on 29 Dec 1915. He was admitted to hospital in Cairo and landed in France on 14 Jun 1916. He was wounded in action in 1917 and admitted to hospital in England, then repatriated back to Australia in November 1917. He married Gladys Mary MAKIN from Apsley and they had children in the 1920s who were attending Meereek School in the 1930s, while Bert and Gladys were farming their block at Langkoop. Bert and Gladys CROUCH died in Geelong in 1950 and 1971 respectively.

    DAVIS, F

    F. DAVIS, of East Camberwell, Victoria was allocated allotment 5, Mageppa parish, "Elderslie" Estate.

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    Wallace Ruthven DOUGLAS, b. 1886, Melbourne, Victoria, son of Patrick DOUGLAS & Ann Page FULLAGAR, was recorded as a Station Overseer & Book-keeper when he enlisted in the AIF. Served in WW1 as Bdr 25979, 17th Battery, 6th Field Artillery Bridade, AIF, and Army Pay Corps. He enlisted 31 Mar 1916 in Melbourne, embarked 1 Aug 1916, served in France, RTA 1 Sep 1919. Wallace died at Naracoorte in 1967 and is buried in the Apsley Cemetery. Wallace's older brother Thomas Alfred Edgar DOUGLAS 1884-1964 is also buried in the Apsley Cemetery.

    DUFF, J

    James Robert DUFF, b. 1883, Nar Nar Goon, Victoria, son of James Morris DUFF & Margaret Emma LITTLE, married Agnes CONDER in 1908, chn at Colac 1909-1914, wife died in 1914. Served in WW1 as L/Cpl 95, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF, and Provost Corps. He enlisted 18 Aug 1914 and RTA ___. James DUFF married Mary LEACH in England and they had two chn at Naracoorte, South Australia after the war.
    James DUFF d. 1950, Colac, Victoria and Mary at Echuca, Victoria in 1973. James DUFF was recorded as a 19y old Butcher from Drouin, Victoria when he served in the Boer War in South Africa as Pte 642, 2nd Australian Commonwealth Horse (Vic).


    Francis Bayley FALCONER, b. 1892, St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, son of John James FALCONER & Alice Heath BARNES. Served in WW1 as Sgt 1025, 23rd Battalion, AIF, enlisted 5 Jan 1915, RTA 3 Mar 1919.


    James Cadell FALCONER, b. 1886, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, son of John James FALCONER & Alice Heath BARNES. Served in WW1 as Sgt 4459, 1st Field Artillery Brigade, AIF, enlisted 13 Mar 1915, RTA 23 Mar 1919. He was married in 1925 to Thyra Margaret McKenna UHD from Taradale, Victoria. James and Thyra are both buried in the Apsley Cemetery.


    Reuben Arthur FUTERIEAL, b. 1882, Mount Gambier, South Australia, son of John FUTERIEAL & Mary GALPIN. He was a labourer of Casterton when he enlisted in the AIF in 1915. Served in WW1 as Pte 2792, 7th & 59th Battalions, AIF, enlisted 5 Jul 1915, RTA 4 May 1917. Reubem was at Gallipoli with the 7th Battalion and severley wounded in France with the 59th Battalion, repatriated home and discharged medically unfit on a military pension in 1917. Reuben's brother Homer FUTERIEAL 1885-1929, was also wounded in France with the 60th Battalion, AIF. Reuben was married after 1920 to Lucy Maud DOWLING and they are both buried in the Casterton Cemetery.
  • Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.

    Clive Joseph GRUMMETT, b. 1893, Hawthorn, Melbourne, Victoria, son of Joseph GRUMMETT & Mary Fanny PAIGE. Clive was at Bahgallah, near Casterton when he enlisted in the 1st AIF. He served in WW1 as Pte 1987, 39th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 1 May 1916, wounded in action in France, RTA 1918. He married Alice Edith CHERRY in the 1920s and they farmed at Langkoop.


    Frederick Alfred HANDLEY, b. 1890, Casterton, Victoria, son of Elijah HANDLEY & Jessie FERGUSON. Served in WW1 as Pte 1308, 13th Light Horse Regiment, AIF, enlisted 23 Jul 1915, embarked 27 Oct 1915, served in the Middle east & France, RTA 12 Nov 1919. He married Ellen Victoria LINDSEY from Bessiebelle, Victoria and their address in 1933 was Langkoop, Victoria.
  • Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.
  • Tree in the Greenwald Avenue of Honour.

    Vernon Miles "Vern" HUNTLY, b. 1898, Coleraine, Victoria, son of William Andrew HUNTLY & Rachel Margaret Rubina CURRIE. Served in WW1 as Pte 2345, 37th & 38th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 10 Jul 1917, Melbourne, Victoria, RTA 29 Jun 1919. Vern HUNTLY served in France and was gassed on two occasions. Vern married Clara Emily MUNN from Apsley and farmed his block at Langkoop.


    Robert George JOHNSTON, b. 1889, Coburg, Victoria, son of Robert JOHNSTON & Margaret Ann CRICHTON. He was a farmer of leongatha, Gippsland when he enlisted in the AIF as Pte 6296, 5th Battalion, AIF, in May 1916, Leongatha, Victoria, embarked Sep 1916 from melbourne and arrived in France in Dec 1916. He was captured by the German Army in Feb 1917 and spent almost 2 years as a POW in Germany. He was repatriated to England in Nov 1918 and arrived in Melbourne, Victoria in Oct 1919. His mother died In Melbourne in 1918 and his father was poultry farmer at Colac, Victoria at this time.
    R. G. JOHNSTON of Foster, Gippsland, Victoria was allocated allotment _. 18. 5, Murrandarra and Meereek parish, "Elderslie" Estate. He appears to have been a Councillor on the Kowree Shire for a number of years and died in Melbourne in 1971, aged 81y. Did Robert JOHNSTON marry............?

    KEALY, A

    Alexander KEALY, b. 1892, Apsley, Victoria, son of James KEALY and Emily Jane COOKE. He served in WW1 as L/Cpl 585, 8th Light Horse Regiment, AIF. Alexander married in the 1920s to Margaret Esther EDWARDS from Edenhope and had at least two chn. He died at Edenhope in 1977 and she died at Ballarat in 1978 and they are both buried in the Edenhope Cemetery.


    Allan Ernest Albert LAMOND, b. 1884, Apsley, Victoria, son of Angus William LAMONT & Margaret Jane BARNES. Served in WW1 as Trooper, 542, 10th Light Horse Regiment, Machin Gun Squadron, AIF, he was a miner who enlisted 8 Feb 1915, Perth Western Australia. He served at Gallipoli & the Middle East with the Light Horse. He RTA 7 Apr 1919, married Vera STEWART in 1932 and died tragically the next year. Allan was one of six LAMOND brothers who enlisted in WW1, all returned to Australia, but with a variety of injuries.


    Frank Islay MACKAY, b. 1886, Wodonga, Victoria, son of Donald Charles MACKAY and Eleanor VINCENT. He was recorded as a Station Book-keeper & Grazier when he enlisted in the 1st AIF. He enlisted as Pte 5444, 6th Battalion, AIF, embarked on 4 Apr 1916, proceeded to France in Nov 1916 with the 38th Battalion, AIF. He was promoted in France to Sgt and to Lt in Jan 1917, wounded in action (shellshock) when buried by an exploding shell in Jun 1918 and repatriated back to England. He returned to Australia in Jan 1919. Frank named his block "Sandwood" and was the first Hall Secretary at Langkoop and died in 1978.


    Peter John MARTINICH, b. 1893, Rosewater, Port Adelaide, son of George MARTINICH & Mary Wildman HIGGS. Recorded as a shearer when he enlisted in the AIF in 1916. Served in WW1 as L/Cpl, 2294, Machine Gun Squadron, 3rd Light Horse Brigade, AIF, enlisted 6 Jan 1916, RTA 10 Aug 1919. Served in the Middle East (Cairo, Romani, Gaza) with the Light Horse. Peter married Catherine Alice ADAMSON from Myamyn, near Heywood, Victoria and had children in the 1920s and 1930s and they farmed their block at Lankoop. Peter and Catherine both died in 1969 and are buried in the Apsley Cemetery.

    MASON, A

    A. W. MASON, of East Malvern, Victoria was allocated allotment 2. _. Langkoop parish, "Elderslie" Estate.

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    McBAIN, P

    Peter McBAIN, b. 1895, Apsley, Victoria, son of Donald McBAIN & Louisa MURRAY. Served in WW1 as Pte 3386, 24th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 2 Mar 1916, RTA 9 Jun 1919. Peter married Alwine ROCHOW from Hynam, South Australia and they had at least 2 children. Peter died in at Adelaide in 1968.

    McCRAE, A

    Alexander "Bay" McCRAE, b. 1879, Baringhup West, near Maldon, Victoria, son of Alexander McCRAE & Margaret O'DONOHUE. When he enlisted in the 1st AIF in 1916 he was classified as a mechanic and an expert in agricultural machinary. He served in WW1 as Pte 3830, 29th & 5th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 19 Sep 1916, RTA 7 May 1919. Alexander served in France, admitted to hospital in England with Trench Fever. He married Hilda McNAMARA from Poolaijelo in 1923 and they are both buried in the Dergholm Cemetery.


    James William McDONALD [D.C.M], b. 1894, Merino, Victoria, son of James McDONALD & Ellen MILLER. Served in WW1 as Pte, L/Cpl & Cpl 2850, 7th & 24th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 19 Jul 1915, twice wounded in action in France, awadred the DCM 26 Nov 1917 for bravery in the field when wounded, RTA 5 Jun 1919. James McDONALD appears to have married Gladys Meltia "May" WOODs at Mount Gambier in 1923. His address in 1924 was "Deloraine" Langkoop, Via Casterton, Victoria.
  • Merino War Memorial.

    Captain Henry Arthur McGREGOR [M.C.] , b. 1888, Cloyne, Co Cork, Ireland, son of P & Catherine McGREGOR. Served in WW1 as Capt, 23rd Battalion, AIF & 6th Light Trench Mortar Battery, AIF. Enlisted 19 Jan 1915, Melbourne Victoria, RTA 2 Apr 1919 with wife and child. Mentioned in field reports for his underground work at Lone Pine, Gallipoli. Awarded the Military Cross [M.C.] for gallantry at Pozieres on the Western Front in 1916. Allocated the "Homestead Block" on Elderslie Soldier Settlement scheme in 1920. Living in NSW in 1963.


    William MILLARD, b. 1887, Casterton, Victoria, son of Vincent MILLARD & Elizabeth Ann Frances BURNS. Served in WW1 as Pte 1871, 39th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 19 Apr 1916, RTA 14 Jan 1914. He married Margaret Jane McELROY from Penola, in 1924 and they farmed their block at Langkoop. William died in 1940 and Margaret in 1970 and both are buried in the Apsley Cemetery.
  • Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.
  • MINTO, C

    Carlyle James MINTO, b. 1893, Kangaroo Flat, near Bendigo, Victoria, son of George MINTO & Mary Jane LUXTON. Carlyle MINTO was recorded as a Commercial Traveller who could ride & drive when he enlisted in the AIF in 1914, he had previous service as a Lt. in the Victorian Mounted Rifles. He served at Gallipoli in WW1 as L/Sgt 448, 3rd Infantry Brigade Headquarters, AIF, enlisted 20 Aug 1914, RTA 2 Jan 1916 (medically unfit). He had been admitted to hospital at Gallipoli, transferred to Lemnos and repatriated home. He claimed to have lost his Returned soldiers Badge & Discharge Certificate on the way into Casterton ca 1923. He moved to NSW, appears to have married Mary Rosina CATTANACH at Sydney in 1939 and he died there in 1965.


    John MURRAY, b. 1889, Scotland, son of ___ & ___. Served in WW1 as Pte 932, 38th Battalion, AIF, enlisted 5 Feb 1916, Horsham, Victoria, RTA 27 Feb 1919. He served in France where he was Wounded in 1918. John MURRAY married Gertrude Eveline WIESE from Minyip in 1914 with two boys, Leslie & Alfred born before the War and Andrew in 1920. John MURRAY died at Bendigo in 1940.

    PEACH, J

    Joseph PEACH, b. 1888, Edenhope, Victoria, son of Thomas PEACH & Mary McKINLEY. Served in WW1 as Pte 883, 22nd Battalion, AIF, enlisted 18 Jan 1915, RTA 27 Sep 1917. Joseph served at Gallipoli and was hospitalised in December with frostbite. Transferred to England and later to France in 1916. He was repatriated to Australia in 1917, gained a block at "Elderslie" but died in 1922 and is buried in the Edenhope Cemetery.


    A. PHILLIPS, of Elsternwick, Victoria was allocated allotment 5. Wytwarrone parish, "Elderslie" Estate.

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    Arnold William TURNBULL, b. 1895, Cootamundra, New South Wales, son of James TURNBULL & Mary McMILLAN. Arnold enlisted in the AIF in 1917 and was recorded as a "Well Borer", c/- Union Bank, Geelong, Victoria where his father was the Bank Manager. Served in WW1 as 2nd Air Mechanic, Australian Flying Corps, AIF, enlisted 22 Jan 1917, served with the 5th Training Squadron in England, RTA 27 Sep 1919. Arnold married Annee STAFFORD in Gloucestershire, England in 1919. In 1924 their address was "Rulewater" Via Casterton, Victoria and Arnold died in 1926 and Annee in 1935.


    Murdoch VICKERY, b. 1890, Casterton, Victoria, son of William Reuben VICKERY & Mary Jane LAMONT. Murdoch married Elvy Viola WILLIAMS in 1915 prior to embarkation for overseas service with the AIF. He was recorded as a labourer of Casterton when he enlisted in the AIF in 1915. Served in WW1 as Pte 3933, 21st Battalion, AIF, enlisted 16 July 1915, served in France 1916-1917, RTA 20 Jul 1917 and discharged as medically unfit and allocated a military pension. Murdoch and Elvy VICKERY had 8 chn before Elvy died in 1930 and Murdoch in 1940, both are buried in the Apsley Cemetery.
  • Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.
  • VIRGO, P

    Percy Ernest VIRGOE, b. 1884, East Melbourne, Victoria, son of William Arthur Richard Neil VIRGOE & Harriet Mary McCULLOCH. Recorded as a Stock & Station Agent when he enlist in the AIF in 1914 and had been a Glenelg Shire Councillor 1909-1912. Served in WW1 as Cpl, 531, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF, enlisted 22 Aug 1914, (Mother living at Edenhope) admitted to hospital at Gallipoli and sent to England, RTA 8 May 1916, discharged medically unfit 28 Jul 1916. Reinlisted as Cpl 3228, 4th Light Horse Regiment, AIF and re-embarked 11 May 1917, served in France when attached to the Army Pay Corps, RTA 8 Jun 1919. Percy died in Armadale, Melbourne in 1929.
  • Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll.
  • "Benayeo" (Apsley) Soldier Settlement (WW1)

    Mundarra WW2 Soldier Settlement

    Additional information and / or corrections on these soldiers and families is welcome. Daryl Povey