"Eyesore to Beauty Spot."

The Toorak Hill people set about on Saturday converting what has long been an eyesore--the scarred and waterworn face of the Toorak Hill cutting--into "a thing of beauty," which it is hoped may be "a joy for ever."
Some months ago, the Glenelg Shire Council, at the request of a deputation including Capt. Walstab, Messrs G. L. Gresson, C. V. Hardy, E. F. Hughes, W. Lawrence, H. S. and W. R. M'Bean, granted permission to residents on the "hill" to plant pigface on the face of the cutting, to protect it from erosion through rainfall and drainage, and also to improve the appearance of the locality, the work to be carried out in proper season.
Last Wednesday, the Shire Engineer, Mr. F. A. Wilson, plotted out the ground into strips, 30ft wide, each of which it had been arranged should be planted, and looked after by one or more of the Toorak Hill people. Plants were obtained by the Shire Council from the Railway Department, and Mr. H. S. M'Bean, who had originally, with Captain Walstab, inaugurated the movement, arranged with the others interested to carry out the planting on Saturday last.
This was done, and the whole of the cutting face, from top to bottom, has been planted, so that within a short time we may hope to see the erstwhile "eyesore," presenting itself as a well cared for garden, resplendent in bloom of many colors and shades. The plots were apportioned by lot to the volunteer gardeners and caretakers, and fell as follows:-- No. 1 (top of the cutting), G. L. Gresson ; 2, W. Lawrence and A. F. Howlett ; 3, H. S. McBean and T. Templeton ; 4, G. Holmes and J. M'Donald ; 5, Father Lowham ; 6, W. R. M'Bean ; 7, G. Edrich ; 8, C. V. Hardy ; 9. J. Davis ; 10, Mrs J. Price ; 11, F. Underwood ; 12, G. A. Black ; 13, Mrs Hornibrook ; 14, L. MacCarthy ; 15, J. Ferguson ; 16, W. Anderson ; 17, W. Richardson ; 18, S. Rowley ; 19, C. Chester ; 20, S. Aitchison ; 21, E. F. Hughes ; 22, Miss Illingworth ; 23, W. H. Peart ; 24, Eric Anderson ; 25, Capt. Walstab ; 26, C. and J. Holmes ; 27, A. E. Smith ; 28, Misses Patterson ; 29, H. Loggin ; 30, J. S. M'Pherson.
The plot allotted to Captain Walstab, who is one of our "heroes of the Dardanelles" now abroad, was, with delicate courtesy, planted, and is to be cared for, in common by his fellow residents on "The HIill," who, have undertaken to look after their several plots.
The narrow strips of level land above the face of the cutting are to be planted with bulbs of various kinds, including lillies, which when in bloom, will give a fine finish to the flower scheme as a whole. The workers ask the public, especially boys and girls, to keep off the newly planted ground, so that the good work done may, not be made in vain, and there can be no doubt our young people will comply with the request, and avoid tramping over the ground, so that it may become a "beauty spot" that will be a source of pleasure to all of us.

Source : "The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 27th September 1915.