"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 27th August 1914.

Comforts for Soldiers --- Casterton District Contributions.

The Casterton ladies' committee engaged in preparing clothing etc., for the health and comfort of our soldiers on campaign is to meet every week in future on Tuesdays and Fridays at the Shire Hall to make up material. Further donations of material will be received by Mr. Glancy at the Shire Hall. The Committee has received donations as follow:--

MATERIALS. --- Mesdames Davis (Carapook), Gazzard, Spendlove, G. Baker, M. Matheson, Scanlan, flannel ; Mrs W. Storey, parcel of bandages ; Mrs Mitchell, handkerchiefs ; Mrs Kerr, socks ; Mesdames J. Somerville, F. Miller, G. Grant, Murrell, A. Illingworth, T. T'ytherleigh, H. Mackinnon, J. Hart (Dunrobin), Messrs J. E. O'Neill, H. S. Hayes, H. and G. Harris, Nurse Picken, fannel ; Mrs Fitzgerald, socks ; Mesdames Mitchell and Menzies, handkerchiefs ; Mrs A. E. Smith, parcel ; Mrs Jackson, butter cloth, Mr E. Smith and Mrs Bates, towels ; Mrs A. Campbell, wool ; Mrs J. Grinham, shirts ; Misses Ball, Clode and M'Combe, cotton and tapes.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 31st August 1914.

The President of the Glenelg Shire (Cr Ross) is in receipt of a circular from Lady Stanley, President of the Victorian division of the Australasian Branch of the Red Cross Society, suggesting that a local Committee to co-operate with the Society be formed in Casterton. The circular will be considered by the Ladies at their meeting at the Shire Hall to-morrow.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 3rd September 1914.

Patriotic Efforts. --- At Casterton.

The ladies' Committee begs to acknowledge further contributions of goods and material as follows:--

Miss A. Carmichael, Mesdames Sault, Tuffnell, Breen, Nurse Morressy, socks ; Messrs H. and G. Harris, wool ; Mesdames Hardy, Fell, Schulze, flannel ; Mesdames Nicholls, F. White, C. Smith, old linen ; Miss Illingworth, bandages anb socks ; Mesdames W. S. James and Haines, towels ; Miss Caulfield, socks and towels ; Miss C. Skinner, cuffs ; Miss Ralston, handkerchiefs and socks.

Amount previously acknowledged, 24/10/6, Leitch Pictures (per N. McDonald), 10/4 ; A. Allnutt (Sandford), Louis Pow and Co., 1/1 each ; Misses A. Allnutt (Sandford), and Moore (Roseneath), 10/ each ; C. Baxter, Mrs Dalgleish, G. Beauglehole, 5/ each ; C. Chapman, 9/ ; H. Mill, 2/6 ; Misses F. Smith, M. Doyle, 2/ each ; Total 39/1.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 3rd September 1914.

Mrs M. A. Phillips, Hon. Secretary to the Casterton Ladies' Committee, intimates that it is specially requested that ladies will bring in their home work at meeting to-morrow (Friday), or at latest by Tuesday next, September 8.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 3rd September 1914.

At Digby --- A large assemblage of Digby people with Mr. McK. Shaw in the chair, at the Foresters' Hall, on Saturday afternoon, displayed a fine spirit of patriotic enthusiasm, and so liberally responded to the appeal of the Chairman, that a sum of between 60 and 70 was subscribed at the meeting, which opened and closed with the singing of national songs, Mrs. G. T. Graham giving "Rule Britannia," and the whole audience joining in the chorus. Subsequently there was a meeting of ladies who arranged for Working Bees to meet once or twice weekly, and make up garments etc, to be forwarded to the Red Cross Society.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 10th September 1914.

Patriotic Funds. --- The Casterton Ladies' Committee beg to acknowledge each donation as follows:--

Previously acknowledged, 39/1. Collected by Mrs T. Tomkins, Wando Vale.--Mrs O'Connell, "New Grove." 1/1 ; Miss Greenham, 14/ ; Mesdames W. Gilbo, D. Munro "Bothwell," Bear, J. Roulston, C. Milburn, 10/ each ; G. Wathen, J. M'Laughlin, M. J. O'Connell, 5/ each ; "A Friend," 3/6 ; Mrs T. Munro, 2/6 ; Total 6/11. Children's Concert Casterton State School, 3/13/6 ; Mrs Beaton, 10/ ; M. Hegarty, "Bill," "A.W.W.," E. C. Cake, 5/ each ; Messrs M. A. Peake, F. Ficken, 2/6 each ; "Sympathiser," Mr Roy Voege, 2/ each. Grand Total, 49/19/6.

Also donations of material as follows:-- Mesdames Lear, socks ; Jackson, wool ; M. M'Intyre, parcel ; Miss Tytherleigh, Mesdames Blake, E. G. Baker, Brilliant, Young, Tomkins, Miss Greenham, towels ; Mesdames M. A. Campbell, D. and W. Munro, J. Storie, Doyle, shirts ; Peden, socks and towels ; W. M'Combe, Williams, pillow cases.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 17th September 1914.


Mr J. Glancy, Hon. Treasurer to the Casterton fund, gratefully acknowledges the following donations:--

Amount previously acknowledged, 65 0s 6d ; Hugh Patterson, "Capaul." 5 ; Mrs H. Patterson, "Capaul," 3 3s ; Lachlan Beaton, 1 ; Mrs Lachlan Beaton, 10s ; Colin Lawrence, 7s ; George Grant, 5 5s ; Mechanics' Committee, 3 3s ; Miss Delaney, 10s ; W. J. Fell, 1 ; Strathdownie Patriotic Fund, 1 7s 5d ; D. O. Roulston, 3 3s ; John Storie, 1 ls ; Total, 90 7s 11d.

The Casterton Ladies' Committee beg to acknowledge donations as follows:--

Miss Myrtle Harris, scarves ; Miss Jesle Allen, socks ; Mrs J. Glancy, towels ; Miss Sheila Glancy, handkerchiefs ; Mrs G. Grant, senr., pants.

The ladies sent the second large case to Government House on Tuesday and a case was also sent from the Strathdownie ladies at the same time. It is hoped that smokers will send a pack of tobacco or some cigarettes with the next case. In the future, the meetings for sewing will be held on Tuesdays only.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 24th September 1914.

District Patriotic Donations. --- Movement at Merino.

There was a large and enthusiastic gathering at the Merino Mechanics' Institute on Saturday night, with Cr G. Northcott in the chair, when stirring speeches were delivered by the chairman and Messrs A. C. Ross, J. F. McCormack, D. W. Brock, G. A. Elliott and Dr Morton, and it was decided to inaugurate a Patriotic Fund, and contributions amounting to 81 were announced as having been received at the close of the meeting, while a message by 'phone announced that this sum has already been increased to 91 by Monday morning.

Patriotic songs were rendered by Mrs G. Northcott, Miss Kraatz and Messrs J. F. McCormack and D. W. Brock, and recitation by Mr A. B. Shanklin. Strong committees of ladies and gentlemen were appointed with Mr T. Northcott as president, Mr J. F. McCormack as hon. treasurer, and Mr D. W. Brock as hon. secretary to canvass for further donations. The Ladies' Committee included Mesdames McNicol, Bryce, Ross, Silvester, Northcott, Misses MacLeod, Kraatz, Holmes, Kohn and Bertram, and Gentleman's Committee (with power to add) Messrs D. C. Smith, A. C. Ross, W. Bryce, C. Crawley, T. E. Silvester, Dr Morton, C. Kohn, E. A. Elliott, E. A. Grant, J. R. McNicol, Ensooe and H. Featherstone.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 28th September 1914.

Patriotic Funds. --- Mrs M. A. Phillips, hon. secretary, to the Casterton Ladies' Committee, acknowledges the following additional donations of clothing, material, etc.:--

Cash:--Previously acknowledged, 49 19s 6d ; Mr Wm. Hadden, 10s ; Miss Taylor, 5s ; Miss Templeton, 5s ; Messrs H. S. McBean and Nunn, 2 2s. Total, 53 1s 6d.

Mrs. J. B. Gill, socks ; Miss S. Somerville, socks ; Mrs J. Little, shirts and socks ; M. Aisbett, socks ; Maizey Spendlove, scarf ; Miss Hurley, socks.

The President of the Glenelg Shire (Cr Ross) acknowledges further gifts of horses for the Expeditionary Force as follows:--Messrs W. B. Edgar (2), Goodman Harris, John Huxley, F. W. Crossley, Goodwin Bros (one each). These were taken charge of by Lieut. Down, and forwarded on with the two horses left behind out of the first lot sent, which were given by Messrs N. A. Peebles and A. Allnutt.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 8th October 1914.

Patriotic Funds. --- The last meeting of the Casterton Ladies' Committee, which has for some time past been engaged in making clothing and other articles for soldiers on campaign, will be held at the Shire Hall on Tuesday next, October 13, when it is hoped every member will attend to assist in finishing up the work.

Three large boxes of articles made by district ladies associated with the Committee have already been despatched to Lady Helen Munro Ferguson at Goverrnment House, Melborurne, to be for warded to the Red Cross Society, and a fourth, and--for the present at all evnets--final consignment is to be packed and despatched at the next meeting on Tuesday next.

Mrs M. A. Phillips, hon. secretary to the Casterton Ladies' Committee begs to acknowledge the following additional gifts of clothing, &c. :--Mrs Peter Doyle, socks ; Mrs Scott, scarves ; Mrs Gill, socks ; Matron of Hospital, scarves ; Miss G. Grinham, socks ; Mrs Jackson, bed-socks ; Mrs Stillwell, .... ; Mrs Macmaster, socks ; Miss Durbidge, scarf ; Miss. A. C. Waters, socks ; Mrs Arthur Corney, socks ; Mrs J. F. Mullane, handkerchiefs and towels ; Mrs D. McPhee, parcel of goods ; Mrs John Jeffreys (Henty St.,) flannel ; Mrs Geo. Humphries, flannel ; Mrs Colin Campbell, pillowslips and 6 packets cigarettes ; Miss. Tytherleigh, one sheet ; Miss Little (Sandford), one sheet.

Also the following additional donations from Wando Vale :--Mrs Somerville (Torah) 10/6, Mrs Milburn senr. 1, Mrs Geo. Milburn 1, Mrs Fleming 5/, Mrs F. Raggatt 5/, Mrs Bond 5/ ; total 3/5/6.


The Shire Secretary (Mr J. Glancy) begs to acknowledge receipts as follows :--D. O. Rolston, 3/3 ; John Storie, 1/1 ; James Greenham, 10/6 ; Robert Jeffreys 2/2 ; Shire of Glenleg 25 ; Patriotic Concert, per G. L. Gresson, Esq., 23 ; Glenelg Lodge Freemasons, 5/5. Total receipts to date; 162/14.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 12th October 1914.

Patriotic Fund. --- Mr J. Glancy, Hon. Treasurer to the Casterton fund, gratefully acknowlodges the following donations:--

Previously acknowledged, 162/14 ; "Patriotic Watch," donated by Allen Bros, 3/10 ; totl, 166/4.


Carapook Contributions. --- Miss B. Murray, hon. secretary to the Carapook Ladies' Committee, acknowledges the following donations for purchase of material for making comforts for our soldier :-- Capt J. R. McDonald and T. B. Carroll, 1/1 each ; C. M. Waters, D. McNicol, A. Murray, J. H. Stark, D. Stock, W. Laird, Hodgetts Bros., D. Rennie, and Mrs C. Cameron, 1 each ; C. Roche, 10/ ; J. Owen, 6/ ; Mrs W. Byrne, Mrs Povey, J. Cotter, and B. Pearce, 5/ each.

Also donations of material, etc., as follow :-- Mrs Ford, 50 yds. flannel ; Miss Florence Ford, socks and cuffs ; Mrs Davis, flannel, bandages, and cuffs ; Mrs Filgate, material ; Masters Burton and Bruce Filgate, pipes ; Mabel and Dulcie Doughney, washers and soap ; Miss Jelbart, wool.

Following is a list of garments made by Carapook ladies :-- 22 flannel shirts, 14 hospital shirts, 44 handkerchiefs, 4 cholera belts, 6 washers, 7 bandages, 12 pairs socks, 3 Balaclava caps, 4 pairs cuffs, and other comforts were bought with surplus money, such 1 dozen towels, tobacco, pipes, broths, jellies, soaps, etc.

On September 26, a case was forwarded to Federal Government House, Melbourne, which has been acknowledged, and members of the Carapook Patriotic League hope, in a short time, to forward another bale.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 19th October 1914.

Patriotic Fund. --- The ladies of the Casterton Committee who have been for some time engaged in making and collecting garments, etc. for troops on service, and for Red Cross Hospital work, are to meet tomorrow (Tuesday) afternoon at the Shire Hall to complete final present consignment for despatch to Lady Helen Munro Ferguson at Government House, Melbourne. Ladies who have in hand any articles or other donations are requested to bring or send them to the Shire Hall at or before the meeting, so that all may be included in this consignment.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 22nd October 1914.

Patriotic Fund. --- The Casterton Ladies' Committee expected to complete on Tuesday afternoon last the work they had set themselves to do at weekly meetings in the Shire Hall, for preparation of clothing, and other comforts for troops in the field, and especially for the sick and wounded to be treated at the military hospitals. Fresh material has, however, been coming along, and at close of the meeting on Tuesday last there was found to be so much to do that the ladies decided to meet again on Tuesday next, hoping to complete their programme for this series of meetings, though they will take up the work anew later on if necessity arises for fresh supplies for the Red Cress Society. The Casterton Committee has already forwarded a prodigious number of useful garments and other articles which will be of immense value in contributing towards the efforts of the medical and surgical officers and the nurses engaged in their merciful task of tending the sick and wounded, not only of our own troops, but such of the enemy as fall into the humane hands of Britons, and need hospital treatment. The Casterton contribution has been notably swelled by donations of material and articles from other parts of the district, such as Wando Vale, Carapook, Dunrobin, and elsewhere.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 26th October 1914.

The final meeting of the Casterton Ladies' Committee, engaged in preparation of clothing for despatch to Lady Helen Munro Ferguson for Red Cross Society work at the military hospitals in Europe, will be held at the Shire Hall, to-morrow (Tuesday) afternoon. Her many friends will regret to learn that Mrs M. A. Phillips, who has worked so zealously and energetically as hon. secretary to the Committee, has been suffering for some days past from a severe attack of neuritis, though now progressing favorably in recovery.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 29th October 1914.

The Casterton Ladies' Patriotic Committee have not yet been able to complete the making up of all the material at their command, and are to meet again at the Shire Hall on Tuesday, to add others to the numerous articles they have already forwarded to the Red Cross Society.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 5th November 1914.

The Ladies' Patriotic Committee met at the Shire Hall on Tuesday, and completed the work in hand in preparation and despatch of clothing, etc., for Red Cross Society work in connection with the war, so far as the first series of consignments is concerned. The ladies have, however, further supply of material in hand, which will be worked up at home prior to resumption of the meetings at the Shire Hall after an interval of three weeks.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 12th November 1914.

Patriotic Fund --- The following additional donations of clothing etc., are acknowledged by Mrs M. A. Phillips, Hon. See. to the Casterton Ladies Committee, which has already forwarded three big consignments for the Red Cross Society work to Lady Helen Munro Ferguson:--

Mrs J. W. Nicholls, pants and socks ; Mesdames W. Storie (Sandford), N. Hodgetts, M. J. N. Breen, socks ; Messdames Pinnell, G. Harris, Cleary, and F. White, handkerchiefs ; Capt. M'Donald, hot water bag ; Miss A. Carmichael, scarf and cuffs ; Miss Tytherleigh, towels ; Mrs G. Grant, housewifes.

Intending donors are notified that gifts may he left with the Shire Secretary (Mr Glancy) at the Shire Hall, or with the Hon. Secretary, Mrs Phillips, Henty Street, Casterton.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) 26th November, 1914.

Patriotic Fund --- Mrs M. A. Phillips. hon. secretary to the Casterton Ladies' Committee, engaged in providing contributions of clothing, material, etc., for Red Cross Society work, acknowledges the following additional donations:--Mrs H. B. Jackson, muffler ; Mrs E. Widdicombe, Sandford, towels and sox; Mrs Somerville, "Torah," pillows; Mrs W. Guthridge, pillow cases and handkerchiefs; Mrs H. Munro, sox and handkerchiefs; Mrs S. Kerr, face washers and mufflers; Miss Tytherleigh, hot water jug; Miss A. B. Waters, sxo and handkerchiefs; Miss E. A. Tytherleigh, sheets and flannel; Miss Clarke, handkerchiefs; Mrs Cleary, cuffs. A box will be packed on Tuesday next, and any further donations will be thankfully received.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 3rd December 1914.

EGGS AND POULTRY. --- Mrs Storie and Miss Tytherleigh acknowledge with thanks additional donations of fowls and eggs for the wounded in British hospitals. In all 100 fowls were received, from 39 donors, and 11 dozen eggs were also included in the two consignments that have been forwarded to Mr Oehr. Hon Sec. in Melbourne. A donation of 6 dozen eggs fron Mrs Lawrence, "Prospect," came to hand too late for inclusion in the first consignment, and as it was not then proposed to send a second, these were sold locally and the proceeds handed over to the Casterton Ladies' Committee engaged in raising contributions for Red Cross Society work. The donations were as follows:--

Fowls : Mesdames J. M'Combe, A. Cowland, E. Widdicombe, J. Illingwort, J. .M'Combe, C. Smith, and Mr A. Oliver.

Eggs : Mesdames S. Hill, D. Munro, F. White, N. Spring. G. Jenkins, Jas. Ross, R. H. Bear, G. Humphries, P. Q. Pinnell and Miss Ross.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 3rd December 1914.

RED CROSS SOCIETY. --- Mrs A. E. Smith, Hon. Treasurer to the Casterton Ladies' Committee, begs to acknowledge donations as follow:--

Amount previously acknowledged 57 6s ; Mrs J. B. Gill. "Runnymede, 1 ; Miss Broughton, "Wando," 1, Mr W. Storie, Sandford, 1 ; Mrs A. Cowland, Wando Vale, 5s. ; Mr T. Lawrence, "Prospect," 3s 6d ; total 60 14s 6d.

The following additional donations of clothing etc., are acknowledged by Mrs M. A. Phillips, Hon. Sec. to the Casterton Ladies' Committee:--Miss Patterson, sofa cushion, 2 pillow slips, and 2 towels ; Miss Tytherleigh, sheet and pillow slip ; Miss Tipping, 2 scarves.

Donations to hand up to Tuesday that have been forwarded to Ladly Helen Munro Ferguson for despatch to headquarters include no less than 1439 articles. The ladies are continuing the working up of other material as it comes to hand, since there is likely to be for a long time to come great difficulty in providing for the wounded soldiers.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 24th December, 1914.

Red Cross Society. --- Mrs M. A. Phillips, Hon. Secretary of the Ladies' Committee (which is Casterton branch of the Red Cross Society), has received the following letter acknowledging garments, etc., sent to Lady Helen Ferguson for despatch to to the front:--

Government House, Melbourne, December 11, 1914.--Dear Madam, Your letter of 2nd inst to hand showing the total number of articles sent to the Red Cross, for which we thank you. It is truly wonderful what you people up there have done. We trust that you will continue your efforts, as, unfortunately, so much is still needed. Will you kindly convey to the members the thanks of the Red Cross Society for their labors, and also accept same for yourself.

Yours faithfully, Walter C. Towns, Official in Charge, Red Cross Society.

Mrs Phillips acknowledges with thanks receipt of the followinig additional donations:--Mrs C. Smith, pair blankets, mittens and feeding cup ; Mrs Karl Forster, pillow slips and towel ; Mrs Sylvester Kerr, pillows, sheets and mittens.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Thursday, 2nd December 1915.

Red Cross Society. --- Casterton Contributions.

The Hon. Sec. Casterton Branch, Mrs T. R. Tytherleigh, begs to acknowledge additional donations as follows:--Mesdames Jenkins, gauze ; K. Forster, wool rug ; Edmonston, old linen ; Miss D. Edmonston, sox ; Mesdames Baker, Storie and the Misses Black, wool rug ; Mesdames Slade, sox, washers, cushions ; B. Miller, old linen, washers ; Kerr, sox ; L. B. Campbell, tin biscuits ; Miss L. Somerville, mittens, helmet ; Mrs J. Bond (Wando Vale), old linen and bags ; Mrs W. Nicholls, bags ; Mrs Holloway, slippers, mittens, knee cap ; Mrs Stock, Miss Bates, Miss Bilson, Miss B. Edmonston, Miss Broughton, sox ; Presbyterian Girls' Guild, filled bags, sox, cap, slippers ; Mrs Johnston, vegetables ; Mrs R. Jeffreys, old linen, sox, cards, safety pins ; Mrs H. Mackinnon, pyjamas, washers ; Miss Nancy Mackinnon, bag, washers ; Miss Sheila Mackinnon, bag, washers ; Mrs E. James, condensed milk ; Mrs J. Davis, slippers, washers ; Mrs Harvey senr (Strathdownie), pyjamas, shirt, towels ; Girls' Friendly Society, sox, slippers, pyjamas, filled bags, washers ; Miss E. Hurley, wool rug ; Miss N. Allen. sox ; Mrs Gazzard, 5/- ; Mrs J. B. Gill, 10/- ; Terrier Coursing Club, 4/3 ; vegetables, 1/6.

"The Casterton News" (Vic.) Monday, 12th June 1916.

Red Cross Society --- Casterton Branch

Mrs T. R. Tytherleigh, Hon. Secretary, acknowledges donations in cash and goods received during the month of May as follows :---

Cash--Mrs W. Sealey (proceeds Corndale Dance), 8 3s 9d ; Mrs C. Simson ("Roseneath"), 1 1s. ; Mrs R. Matheson, 10s ; "Anonymous," 7s ; Mrs W. Miller, 5s. Total, 10 6s 9d.

Goods-- Mrs Jas. Somerville, pot plants, tomato sauce, vegetables ; Mrs A. E. Smith, flowers, pyjamas, girdles ; Mrs Kerr, scones ; Mrs Alnutt, books ; Mrs McDonald, buns ; Mrs Somerville ("Torah"), brushes ; Miss Tytherleigh, grapes ; Mrs R. C. Miller, socks ; Mrs Slade, flowers, tomatoes, muffler, pyjamas, girdles ; Mrs Abbott, rhubarb ; Mrs McKinney, flowers ; Mrs Carmnichael ("Argyle"), flowers, quinces ; Mr Oliver, apples ; Mr Retchford, Kodak albums, dumb bells ; Mrs Hodgetts (Dunrobin), tomatoes, jam ; Mrs Jas. Storie, butter ; Mrs Jas. White, quinces, herbs, ferns ; Miss A. Carmichael, socks ; Mrs G. Grant, old linen, pyjamas, girdles ; Mrs J. Andlerson, buns ; Miss McPherson, book ; Mrs Schulze, bun loaves ; Mrs Holloway, sand bags ; Miss T. Wood, tomato sauce, jam ; Mrs E. Fellows, 2 cases apples ; Mrs W. Raggatt, 1 case apples, melons ; Mr C. E. Humphries, 4 cases apples, 2 cases pears, 1 bag potatoes ; Mrs Spendlove, socks ; Mrs W. Jelly, socks ; Mrs J. Davis, washers, slippers, literature ; Mrs H. B. Jackson, d'oyley ; Mrs J. B. Gill, fancy work, blouse, boxes, seedlings ; Miss Broughton, shirt, linen ; Mrs Price, sand bags ; Mr McPherson, literature.

Additional articles despatched to the Red Cross depot, Melbourne, during the moniith were as follows :--

Sox, 69 prs ; pyjamas, 30 suits ; shirts 5 ; scarf, 1 ; slippers, 1 pair ; washers, 12 ; dumb-bells, 2 pairs ; also old linen, magazines, etc., in addition to two cases of goods from Strathdownie. Sales of goods for benefit of funds, effected at the Red Cross Depot, Henty St., during the past four months, realised :--

February, 2/15/4 ; March, 7/18/5 ; April, 8/5/8 ; May, 6/12 10 ; Total, 25/12/3.