Source: "Coleraine Albion"


"On Sunday last some boys were bathing in a waterhole at Carapook when two of them drowned.

It appears the boys were showing their spirits by walking a plank across the water when one of them slipped and tried to catch himself by seizing his comrade.

Both fell into the water and were drowned. The bodies clasped together were taken out after.

The Coroner, Mr TRANGMAR, held an inquest on Monday when a verdict of "accidentally drowned" was returned.

The names of the boys were John FITZGERALD and Louis LANDMEYER [sic]."

NOTE 1: Louis LANDMEYER should have been Louis SANDMEYER, who was born in Mount Gambier in 1861 to Heinrich SANDMEYER and Anna SCHAFER.

NOTE 2: John FITZGERALD was the son of Thomas FITZGERALD and Johanna TIBY, Farmers of Bruk Bruk and he attended Bruk Bruk School.

Heinrich Christoph "Henry" SANDMEYER c.1829- ? and Anna Gesiner Sophia SCHAFER 1830- ?

Heinrich Christoph "Henry" SANDMEYER born c.1829 married Anna Gesiner Sophia SCHAFER born 1830 at Trinity Church in Adelaide, South Australia in 1853 and had the following known family...

  1. Augusta Helena SANDMEYER b. 1855 Hope Valley, SA, d. 1857, Hope Valley, SA.
  2. Wilhelmine Louise SANDMEYER b. 1858 Hope Valley, SA, m. Johan Carl August NITSCHKE
  3. William Andreas Louis Hnery SANDMEYER b. 1860 Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1879, Casterton, Vic.
  4. Louis James Philip SANDMEYER b. 1861 Mount Gambier, SA d. (drowned) 13 Mar 1870, Carapook, Vic.