House of Thomas & Rachel Povey, Carapook

Thomas POVEY & his wife Rachel BURGESS, originally from Digby moved to Carapook around 1900. Thomas was the Overseer at "Tulse Hill" station, the CORNEY property north east of Carapook. The Povey family was raised in their house at Carapook located next to the Carapook Hall. Thomas POVEY & Rachel BURGESS had the following family - George Thomas POVEY 1895-1926, Leslie Livingstone POVEY 1896-1975, Ernest Arthur POVEY 1898-1965, Alice May POVEY 1900-1970, Ivan Frederick POVEY 1903-1981, Walter Joseph POVEY 1905-1983, Alan Keith POVEY 1909-1984, Norman James POVEY 1911-1995, Murray Burgess POVEY 1913-1988 & Sylvia Annie POVEY 1916-2006

Povey family at Carapook (1909)

Povey Family at Carapook, 1909

This photo was taken in 1909 on the front veranda of the POVEY house at Carapook. The house still exists in 2002 as a part of a wool shed on a property in the Ford-Luers lane between Carapook and Sandford.
Family members (left-right)
Walter POVEY (4), Ernest POVEY (11), Ivan POVEY (6), Leslie POVEY (13), May SIMKIN (married Fred BURGESS in 1910), Fred BURGESS (Rachel's brother), Rachel POVEY (nee BURGESS), Alan POVEY (~6mths), George POVEY (14), Alice May POVEY (9)

George POVEY and his Uncle Fred BURGESS went off to France in WW1 with the 46th Battalion, AIF, both returned, although Fred had been seriously wounded.

Alan POVEY served in WW2 in north-west Australia and New Guinea.

Mervyn, George & Tom POVEY, all sons of George POVEY, served in WW2.

Leigh POVEY, grandson of George and Daryl POVEY, son of Alan both served as National Service conscripts in Vietnam in the 1960s.

The POVEY Cricket Team at Tahara (Nov 1958)
Povey Cricket Team at TaharaPovey Cricket Team at Tahara [click to enlarge]

Back (left - right)
George Povey (George's son), John Povey (Wal's son), Ivan Povey (brother),
Les Povey (brother), Kevin Povey (Wal's son), Murray Povey (brother)
Ern Povey (brother), Wal Povey (brother)

Front (left - right)
Alan Povey (brother), Norm Povey (brother), Tom Povey (George's son)
Mervyn Povey (George's son), Ray Povey (George's son)