Henry "Harry" BURCHELL c.1829-1897, born Wheatfield, Oxfordshire, England, son of William BURCHELL and Elizabeth COLES was married in 1854 at Geelong, Victoria to Agnes HART 1833-1913, b. 1833, Dalrymple, Ayrshire, Scotland, daughter of John HART and Isabella CAMPBELL.

Agnes HART, along with her parents and a number of siblings arrived at Point Henry, Geelong on the ship "Banker's Daughter" in Sep 1853 and settled just north of Geelong. Agnes HART's younger brother James HART also moved to the Carapook area of S-W Victoria in the 1860s.

Henry BURCHELL, a labourer of Carapook with 3 school-aged children and shown as living 1/2 mile NE of Carapook was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook.

Harry BURCHELL died at Carapook, S-W Victoria in 1897 and his widow Agnes died at Merino, S-W Victoria in 1913.

Henry BURCHELL & Agnes HART had the following known family...

  1. Elizabeth BURCHELL 1855-1927, b. Geelong, Victoria (had twin daughters at Carapook in 1877), d. 1927, Cohuna, Victoria m. 1879 to George HINCHLIFFE 1852-1922 son of George HINCHLIFFE and Mary Ann WEYMOUTH, d. Gunbower, Victoria.

  2. Isabella BURCHELL 1857-...?..., b. Geelong, Victoria, ......?.....

  3. Mary Jane BURCHELL 1861-1938, b. Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria, had 3 children in the Carapook area, d. 1938, Ballarat, Victoria (unmarried).

  4. James William BURCHELL 1865-1951, b. Belfast (Port Fairy), Victoria, d. 1951, Casterton, Victoria, m. 1896 at Merino, S-W Victoria Janet "Jessie" FITZGIBBON 1875-1953, b. Digby, S-W Victoria, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. They had the following children in the Carapook area...
    1. Mary Catherine "Topsy" BURCHELL b. 1896, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1917, Carapook, Victoria
    2. Henry Edward "Harry" BURCHELL b. 1898, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1978, m. Pearl Grace DURBIDGE 1897-1992. (lived in a house next to the Carapook School and moved to Mildura in 1943. Photo of Harry BURCHELL)
    3. Agnes Christina BURCHELL b. 1900, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1927, Warrnambool, Victoria, m. ___ REILLY.
    4. Margaret May BURCHELL b. 1902, Carapook, Victoria, m. Sydney Thomas KENT.
    5. Hilda Grace BURCHELL b. 1903, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1974, Coleraine, Victoria, m. Robert Charles JEFFREYS 1895-1974.
    6. male BURCHELL b. 1905, d. 1905, Merino, Victoria.
    7. Ivy BURCHELL b. 1905, Merino, Victoria, d. 1989, m. Arthur CLODE 1890-1973.
    8. James Alexander BURCHELL b. 1907, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1978, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Gladys May BAWDEN 1900-1993.
    9. Stanley Charles BURCHELL b. 1908, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1941, Wando Vale, Victoria. Carapook Cricket Team.
    10. Doris BURCHELL b. 1909, Carapook, Victoria, d. ____, m. Alfred Albert DAY 1903-1938.
    11. Vera BURCHELL b. 1909, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1989, Melbourne, Victoria, m. Nicoll RENNIE 1896-1968
    12. Russell Keith BURCHELL b. 1917, Hamilton, Victoria, d. 1945, Bougainville (accidentally killed in WW2). WW2 Honour Roll. Carapook Cricket Team.
    13. Jessie Catherine BURCHELL b. 1918, d. 1918, Carapook, Victoria.

  5. John Henry BURCHELL 1867-1947, b. Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. Mooroopna, Victoria, m. 1891 at Digby, S-W Victoria to Joanna Maria Hill Fenwick MARSH 1872-1930, b. Hotspur, S-W Victoria, d. Mooroopna, Victoria. They had the following family...
    1. William James BURCHELL b. 1893, Merino, Victoria, d. 1970, Hamilton, Victoria, m. Alma Doris RICHARDSON 1909-1969.
    2. Agnes Christina BURCHELL b. 1896, Merino, Victoria, d. 1968, Konongwootong, Victoria, m. William Lewis BAUDINETTE 1885-1861.
    3. Richard Nicholas BURCHELL b. 1900, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1966, Lilydale, Victoria, m. Eleanor BEDDELL 1901-1990.
    4. Catherine Grace BURCHELL 1902-1967, b. Casteron, Victoria, d. Numurkah, Victoria, m. 1920, NSW to James Alfred PIGGOTT 1891-1959.
    5. Albert Arthur BURCHELL b. 1904, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1969, Tyrendarra, Victoria, m. Minnie Marguerite SHEPHERD 1909-2001.
    6. Amy Ingrie BURCHELL b. 1905, Carapook, Victoria, d. 1972, Casterton, Victoria, m. William James Arthur ASTBURY 1896-1980.
    7. Leslie Frederick BURCHELL b. 1912, Carapook, Victoria, (served in WW2) ............?
    8. Alma Olive BURCHELL b. 1915, Carapook, Victoria, m. John Walter CONNORS.
    9. Oswald Ivan BURCHELL b. 1916, Carapook, Victoria, ...........

  6. Joseph BURCHELL 1870-1877, b. Carapook, S-W Victoria, wandered away from home aged 7 years, became lost and his body was not located for 3 weeks.

  7. George BURCHELL 1873-1873, b. and d. 1873, Carapook, S-W Victoria.

  8. Alfred BURCHELL 1873-...?..., b. Carapook, Victoria, d. ....?....

  9. Caroline BURCHELL 1877-1944, b. Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1898 to Alexander GUNNING 1860-1953, b. Goroke district, Victoria, son of Alexander GUNNING and Sarah McPHEE, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. They had a family of 11 in the Merino area as follows...
    1. Sarah GUNNING b. 1898, Coleraine, Victoria, d. 1898, Merino, Victoria.
    2. Elizabeth GUNNING b. 1901, Merino, Victoria, d. 1917, Merino, Victoria.
    3. Agnes GUNNING b. 1903, Merino, Victoria, d. 1971, Stawell, Victoria.
    4. Arthur GUNNING b. 1905, Merino, Victoria, d. 1977, Portland, Victoria, m. Kathleen CHANDLER 1914-2005.
    5. Alexander Hugh GUNNING b. 1908, Merino, Victoria, d. 1982, Ballarat, Victoria, m. Phyllis Mary LEWIS 1914-1975.
    6. Mary GUNNING b. 1909, d. 1909, Merino, Victoria.
    7. Jean Carol GUNNING b. 1910, Merino, Victoria, m. Leslie George BURGESS 1912-
    8. John Murray GUNNING b. 1912, Merino, Victoria, d. 1976, Stawell, Victoria, m. ...........
    9. Gilbert William GUNNING b. 1915, Merino, Victoria, ............
    10. Lindsay Norman GUNNING b. 1918, Merino, Victoria, d. 1975, Portland, Victoria, m. Jessie Mary BROWN 1920-1995.
    11. Stanley Arthur GUNNING b. 1924, Merino, Victoria, ............