Joseph JELBART, b. 1815, St Buryan, Cornwall, England son of John JELBART and Ann RICHARDS was married in 1844 at Scilly Isles, Cornwall, England to Joyce PHILLIPS, b. 1822 Scilly Isles, Cornwall, England, daughter of John PHILLIPS and Elizabeth ____.

Joseph JELBART was a blacksmith working in Cornwall, starting and raising a family of seven children born 1845-1858 in the parishes of Scilly Isles and St Buryan.

Joseph and Joyce JELBART, along with five of their children emigrated to Victoria, Australia on the "Durham" 1875 and settled at Carapook, located on Edward HENTY's original "Muntham" pastoral run in south-western Victoria. Their other two adult children Joseph and Thomas emigrated separately but all finished up at Carapook.

Joseph JELBART conducted a General Store at Carapook for 26 years and was also a local Wesleyan Preacher. Looking for a photograph of JELBART's Store at Carapook.

Joseph JELBART's sister, Susannah was married to Thomas PENROSE and lived at Carapook.

Joseph JELBART's neice Mary Anne HARRY was married to William HUTTON and living in the parish of Bruk Bruk, near Carapook. Her brother Robert HARRY was married to Florence BETHUNE, daughter of Lachlan BETHUNE & Christine BEATON who had been born at "Muntham" Station in 1866.

Joseph JELBART and his wife Joyce both died at Carapook and are buried in the Casterton New Cemetery.

Joseph JELBART's Obituary

West Wimmera Mail - FRIDAY DEC, 6TH 1901
The death of Mr. Joseph Jelbart, father of Messrs Joseph, Thomas, John, Everard Jelbart, occurred at Carapook, where he had conducted a general store for 26 years, on Sunday week. A native of Penzance, Cornwall, he came to Victoria in 1876, and soon afterwards settled at Carapook, where his sterling worth was a by-word. He filled the position of local preacher in the Wesleyan church 56 1/2 years. He was 87 years of age and celebrated his golden wedding seven years ago.

Joyce JELBART's Obituary

West Wimmera Mail, April 8, 1910
There past away last week at Carapook, after a long illness borne with great fortitude, Mrs. Joyce JELBART, relict of the late Mr. Joseph JELBART, and mother of Mr. Thomas JELBART, of Goroke, at the age of 88. Deceased arrived with her husband and remaining members of her family, some of them were at the time in Australia and South Africa, in the year 1875, and had resided for the principle part of her life in Australia at Carapook. The members of the family who preceded her to Australia were the sons Joseph (deceased), and Thomas, now residing at Goroke. The members who accompanied her on the voyage out were, Charles (dead), John, Frank, and Miss Joyce Ann JELBART.
Mr. John JELBART now resides near Albury on an estate he purchased not long ago. Miss Joyce Ann JELBART and Mr. Frank JELBART, still live at Carapook, and the former was a most devoted daughter during her mother's long illness. Mr. Everett JELBART at a later date arrived from Kimberley, South Africa.

Joseph JELBART & Joyce PHILLIPS had the following known family:

  1. Joseph JELBART b. ~1845, Sparnon, Cornwall, England, d. 1904, Carapook, Victoria (Blacksmith & Coachbuilder who lived at Carapook, Merino, Harrow, Goroke, in south-west Victoria, Australia)

  2. John Phillips JELBART b. c1846, Scilly Isles, Cornwall, Englnd, d. 1938, NSW, Aus., m. Rosetta ELLIS 1846-1926, daughter of Francis ELLIS and Ann TEAGUE. John was a blacksmith & coachbuilder who lived at Merino, Harrow & Goroke south-west Victoria, and later moved to NSW. John Phillips JELBART & Rosetta ELLIS had the following family...
    1. Edith JELBART b. 1876, Carapook, Vic. d. 1877, Merino, S-W Vic.
    2. Dr. Charles Ellis JELBART b. 1878, Merino, S-W Vic., d. 1941, Albury, NSW, m. Mary Josephine PENROSE 1880-1956.
    3. John Ernest JELBART b. 1880, Harrow, S-W Vic., d. 1960, Albury, NSW. m. Elizabeth Mary McLURE 1883-1966.
    4. Joseph Francis JELBART b. 1883, Harrow, S-W Vic., d. 1968, Albury, NSW, m. Mary Hannah SPURRELL 1884-1975.
    5. Harry Gordon JELBART b. 1885, d. 1885, Harrow, S-W Vic.
    6. Mabel Phillips JELBART b. 1886, d. 1887, Minimay, S-W Vic.

  3. Thomas JELBART b. c.1848, St Buryan, Cornwall, England, d. 1935, Ballarat, Vic., m1. Elizabeth WARREN, b. ~1846, Cornwall, England, d. 1876, Merino, Victoria; m2. Annie Maria HILL b. c.1850 Lancashire, England to George HILL and Maria HENNING, d. 1923, Ballarat, Victoria. Thomas JELBART was a blacksmith who arrived in 1869 and lived at Carapook, Merino, Goroke and Ballarat. There were no children from the first marriage.
    Thomas JELBART & Annie Maria HILL had the following family...
    1. Florence Hill JELBART b. 1880, Merino, S-W Vic., d. Ballarat, Vic.
    2. George Everett JELBART b. 1882, ___, S-W Vic., d. 1960, Melbourne, Vic. m. Esmerelda Nelli LANCASTER ~1882-1953.
    3. Edith Hennings JELBART b. 1884, Goroke, S-W Vic., d. 1981, Seaford, Vic.
    4. Frank Thomas JELBART b. 1886, Goroke, S-W Vic., d. 1968, Geelong, Vic.
    5. Charles JELBART b. 1888, d. 1888 Goroke, S-W Vic.
    6. Thomas JELBART b. 1888, Goroke, S-W Vic., d. 1969, Gippsland, Vic., m. Myra Constance Eva POLLOCK 1889-1950.
    7. Joseph Arthur JELBART b. 1891, Goroke, S-W Vic., d. 1972, Ballarat, Vic. m. Rita Olive HARPER 1894-1945.
    8. John Ellis JELBART b. 1893, Goroke, S-W Vic., d. 1968, Ballarat, Vic. m. Doris Caroline ELLIS 1898-1993.
    9. Joyce Phillips JELBART b. 1895, Goroke, S-W Vic., d. 1973, Ballarat, Vic.

  4. Everard Viges JELBART b. c1850, St Buryan, Cornwall, England, d. Ballarat, Vic, m. Mary Agnes CLEAR ~1855-1920. (lived in Kimberley, South Africa before coming to Australia)

  5. Francis "Frank" JELBART b. ~1852, St Buryan, Cornwall, England, d. 1928, Ballarat, Vic. (lived at Carapook, S-W Vic after arrival in 1875)

  6. Joyce Ann JELBART b. ~1856, St Buryan, Cornwall, England, d. 1931, Ballarat, Vic. , b. Ballarat, (lived at Carapook after arrival in 1875.)

  7. Charles Edmund JELBART b. 1858, St Buryan, Cornwall, England, d. 1898, Carapook, S-W Victoria, m. Annie Louisa DUSTING 1861-1921. Charles lived at Carapook after arrival in 1875. Annie Louisa JELBART signed the 1891 Women's Suffrage Petition in Casterton.