In connection with the Muntham School the annual picnic took place on Tuesday, and in every way proved to be an enjoyable occasion for all concerned. There was a large attendance from all the surrounding places, and adults and children alike shared in the pleasure of the outing. If the number present did not quite equal the records of previous years it was probably due to the fact that the time of holding the picnic did not synchronise with the weekly half-holiday of Coleraine, Casterton and Sandford. The weather was agreeable, though perhaps slightly on the warm side, but the locality of the picnic--Mrs. Holzgrefe's property--gave ample shade under the almond and other trees. An excellent programme of sports was submitted and keenly contested, the spectators and performers alike gaining much enjoyment from the proceedings. The ladies provided a splendid lot of refreshments which of course were an important feature of the day.

The officers were :--Chairman, Mr Digby Tomkins ; Secretary, Mr. J. Shady ; handicappers, Messrs. T. Taylor, G. Woodall, and R. Hutton ; starter, Mr. J. Ryan ; judges, Messrs. L. Heenan, T. W. Taylor, and John Nolan. The results were as follow, the names being given in order of merit :--

School Boys' Races--
12 to 14--T. A. Taylor, John Shady, John Glossop, L. Heenan, G. Woodall.
10 to 12--Tom Shady, Albert Taylor, Leo Heenan.
8 to 10--Wm. Glossop, L. M'Donald.
6 to 8--Jack Heenan, Norman Cameron, Bert Taylor, Graham Tomkins, Donald Cameron.
Open--(Mrs. A. Taylor's special)--G. Woodall, Roy Heenan, W. Glossop, Jack Shady.
Other Boys' Races--
Open, over 12--F. Ford.
Open, under 12--Bruce Filgate, Will Larkin, Jack M'Kenzie.
Sack race--T. Shady, W. Glossop, George Woodall.
Hurdles--L. Heenan, J. Shady, T. Taylor, John Glossop.
Siamese--F. Ford and Bruce Filgate, J. Shady and L. Heenan, Albert Taylor and John Glossop.

School Girls' Races--
12 to 14--Daisy Taylor, Hannah Kelly.
10 to 12--Nancy M'Donald.
8 to 10--Maggie Shady, Janet Taylor, Kathleen Heenan.
6 to 8--Bessie Taylor, Ray Shady, D. Glossop, Jean Taylor.
All Ages.--Bessie Taylor, Nancy M'Donald, Ray Shady, Maggie Shady.
Other Girls' Races--
Open, over 12--Maggie M'Kenzie, Christina Stock, Eileen Byrnes.
Muntham School Girls' Old Scholars--
Under 16--Ethel Taylor, Annie Taylor.
Open Race--(Mrs. Cooke's special)--Mary Cooke, Nancy M'Donald, Maggie Shady.
Young Ladies (Mr. Walter Miller's special)--Annie Taylor, Ethel Taylor.

Miscellaneous Events.--
Married Ladies' race--Mrs. P. Doyle, Mrs. D. Ryan, Mrs. Hutton.
Old Buffers' race--D. Fitzgerald, D. Heenan, L. Heenan.
Ladies' Stepping the Chain--Miss Nellie Larkin, half inch out ; Mrs. E. Nolan, two inches out ; Mrs. J. Sypott and Mrs. Shady, each four inches out.
High Jump--J. Shady, T. Taylor, G. Woodall, J. Glossop.
Young Men's race--D. Heenan, G. Ryan, W. Taylor.
Young Ladies' Consolation race--Irene Heenan, Annie Taylor, Aggie Doyle.
Girls' Consolation race, under 16--Christina Stock, Bessie Nolan, Kathleen Larkin.

At the close of the day a hearty vote of thanks was accorded Mrs. Holzgrefe for the use of her property, three cheers being given for that lady.

Source : "The Coleraine Albion" (Vic.) Thursday, 26th March 1914.