Daryl & Bruce Povey 'Rosedale' Carapook 1950s "Rosedale" Carapook was the home of Alan & Amy POVEY and their two boys, Daryl & Bruce from 1941 to 1954.
Thomas (or Joseph) Matthews PENROSE and his wife Susanna JELBART were the immigrant parents of this family group associated with Carapook in the 1800's. Susanna JELBART was the sister of Joseph JELBART, who along with his family emigrated from Cornwall, England to Carapook in 1875.
The property "Rosedale" on the Bella Vista Road, north of Carapook was home to the PENROSE family c.1870 to c.1900.
A PENROSE family with 1 school-aged child, living 1 mile NW of Carapook was marked on the Carapook map but was not one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook. At this time it is difficult to identify exactly which PENROSE family group was at "Rosedale" in 1875.

Thomas Matthews PENROSE (1800-1883) and Susannah JELBART (1810-1884) had the following family...

  1. Nanny PENROSE (1833-1920) was the eldest sibling in this family. She married Jabez BEST 1821-1903 and they had about six children and lived at Branxholme, S-W Victoria where Jabez died in 1903 and Nanny in 1920. Their known children are...
    1. William Penrose BEST 1859-1952, b. Branxholme, S-W Victoria, d. Cannington, Western Australia.
    2. James BEST 1861-1933, b. Branxholme, S-W Victoria, d. Adelaide, South Australia, m. 1890 Sandford, S-W Victoria to Emma "Minnie" JEFFREY 1855-1945, b. & d. Adelaide, South Australia.
    3. Annie BEST 1863-1944, b. Branxholme, S-W Victoria, d. Perth, Western Australia.
    4. Elizabeth Alice Jelbart BEST 1866-1925, b. & d. Branxholme, S-W Victoria.
    5. Lily May BEST 1870-1934, b. Branxholme, S-W Victoria, d. Cannington, Western Australia, m. 1899 to Edwin Turner MORROW 1870-1940, b. Victoria, d. Perth, Western Australia. 3 children.
    6. Sarah Louise BEST 1872-1924, b. & d. Branxholme, S-W Victoria.

  2. William Thomas PENROSE 1835-1917, b. Cornwall, England; d. Boggabri, NSW; m. in 1879 at Gum Creek, near Sandford, Victoria to Mary Jane MITCHELL 1860-1937, b. Heywood, Victoria to Richard Glasson MITCHELL and Elizabeth WHITE, and they had a family of at least ten children. This family lived at "Rosedale," Carapook, Victoria until it was sold in 1895 to John McNICOL of "Danna" Tahara, Victoria. The family moved north to Boggabri, New South Wales about 1898. Their known children were...
    1. Emily Jane PENROSE, b. 1881, "Rosedale" Carapook (nr Casterton), Vic, m. James JONES
    2. William Richard PENROSE, b. 1882, "Rosedale" Carapook (nr Casterton), Vic, m1 lena GLANVILLE, m2 Barbara PATHEY
    3. Joseph Henry PENROSE, b. 1884, "Rosedale" Carapook (nr Casterton), Vic, m. Holly NEWHAM
    4. Albert Thomas PENROSE, b. 1886, "Rosedale" Carapook (nr Casterton), Vic, m. Sadie TRELFOE
    5. Cecil Jelbart PENROSE, b. 1888, "Rosedale" Carapook (nr Casterton), Vic, m. Audrey GEDDES
    6. Evelyn Mary PENROSE, b. 1891, Casterton, d. 1918
    7. Gordon Mitchell PENROSE, b. 1894, Casterton, m. Elsie NEWNHAM
    8. John Stanley PENROSE, b. 1897, Casterton, m. Alice HOWARD
    9. Norman Lindsay PENROSE, b. 1899, m. Nora WILSON
    10. Ida Elizabeth PENROSE, b. 1904 m. Frederick WILSON

  3. Joseph PENROSE 1836-1894, b. Cornwall, England; d. Connewirricoo, Victoria; m. 1871 Victoria to Mary Jane HORNER c.1844-1909, b. Co Antrim, Ireland to ...?... and they had a family of about nine children with all births registered at Harrow. This family lived at "Pendale," Connewirricoo near Edenhope and their children were:
    1. William PENROSE, b. 1872, Harrow, d. 1874, Harrow
    2. Unnamed female PENROSE, b. 1874, Harrow
    3. Ann Eliza PENROSE, b. 1875, Harrow, d. 1908, Harrow
    4. William Matthews PENROSE, b. 1877, Harrow, d, 1959, Coleraine, mar. 1914, Annie RIDDOCH
    5. Susanah Jelbart PENROSE, b. 1878, Harrow
    6. Mary Josephine PENROSE, b. 1880 Connewirrico, mar. 1907, Charles JELBERT
    7. Eva Horner PENROSE, b. 1883, Harrow, d. 1950 Casterton, mar. 1907, Robert MITCHELL
    8. Thomas Henry PENROSE, b. 1887, Harrow, mar. 1913, Jane PENNY
    9. Joseph Sanders PENROSE, b. 1890, Harrow, d. 1935, Melbourne

  4. John Sanders PENROSE, b. 1838, Cornwall was another sibling in this family, but he had died before 1842.

  5. Mary Ann PENROSE, b. c1850, a sister of the above William & Thomas mar. John Gibson PROUDFOOT, a widower, in 1872 and they had a family of about four children with all births registered locally and living at Carapook before also moving north to Murwillumbah, New South Wales. Their children were:
    1. Susannah Janet PROUDFOOT, b. 1873, Casterton
    2. Elizabeth Agnes ' Bessie ' PROUDFOOT, b. 1876, d. 1881, Carapook (shooting accident)
    3. Grace PROUDFOOT, b. 1878, Casteron, m. Ernest SMALES
    4. William Alexander PROUDFOOT, b. 1880, Casterton, m. Ann CAMPBELL
    5. Harriet B PROUDFOOT, b. 1883, Euston, NSW, m. John POOLE

  6. John Sanders Jelbart PENROSE, b. 1842, Cornwall was also a sibling. He married Eva DAVIS (widow of his cousin) in 1907 in South Australia and died in Adelaide. No children

  7. Alfred PENROSE, b. 1841, Cornwall was another sibling in this family. He paid rates on a prperty at Carapook in 1875 and died in Sydney, NSW

  8. Samuel PENROSE, b. 1846, Cornwall was the youngest sibling. He appears to have had two marriages, both in Victoria, the first to Annie O'BRIEN in 1865 and the 2nd to Eliza MOTT in 1875. He had about four children and could have been the PENROSE marked on the Carapook School map of 1875 with one school-age child. One window sill at "Rosdale" had the name Sam PENROSE carved into it. Sam moved to Queensland in the late 1877. His wife Eliza (b. 1850 Adelaide, SA to Joseph MOTT & Eliza WAKEFIELD) died in 1913 at Wallumbilla (near Roma), Queensland, Australia and Samuel died in 1933. They are both buried in the Toowoomba cemetery.
    Samuel PENROSE and Eliza MOTT had the following children...
    1. Lily May PENROSE, b. 1880, Queensland, d. 1936, Queensland.
    2. Howard Jelbart PENROSE, b. 1881, Jondaryn, Queensland, d. 1942, Queensland, m. Christina HOWSE (nee McLEOD) 1868-1935.
    3. John Sydney PENROSE, b. 1884, Jondaryn, Queensland, d. 1974, Roma, Queensland, m. Mabel BUDD 1892-1975.
    4. Samuel matthew Melbourne PENROSE, b. 1889, Queensland, d. 1946, Queensland.

  9. Noel PENROSE, b. 1847, Cornwall was another sibling in this family but had died before 1847.