Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

MOODY, Cuthbert Thomas
Cpl 30234, 6th Army Field Artillery Brigade, AIF

Tree No 24, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Miss Glad BLOCK

Cuthbert Thomas MOODY appears to be a member of the following family group:

John MOODY & Margaret PROVAN

John MOODY b. c1852, Durham, England, son of thomas MOODY and Ann ROBERTS was married in 1890 to Margaret PROVAN, b. 1860, Ballarat, Vic., dau of David PROVAN and Ann LOUTIT. John MOODY was an Anglican Clergyman in servicing the Digby & Merino Church of England ca 1891 - 1894. John MOODY and Margaret PROVAN had the following family:

  1. Annie Ruth MOODY b. 1891, Broomfield, Vic, d. 1980 Brunswick, Vic;
  2. Cuthbert Thomas MOODY b. 1892, Digby, Vic, d. 1973 Canterbury, Vic [WW1, Cpl 20324 6th Army Field Artillery Brigade, AIF];
  3. Henry John MOODY b. 1896, Natimuk, Vic, 1978, Heidleberg, Vic;
  4. Margaret Alexandria MOODY b. 1901, Kingston, Vic, d. 1921 Melbourne, Vic;

Two of Margaret PROVAN's brothers attended the Digby School, William aged 10, in 1891 and George aged 12 in 1892.