World War 1 Avenue of Honour (35 trees)
Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

PHILLIPS, Herbert Balderson
Cpl 6563, 7th Battalion, AIF

Tree No 29, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Mr M F MORRIS

The tree in honour of Herbert Balderson PHILLIPS a local teacher from Booroopki and Morea was planted by Mr M F MORRIS.

West Wimmera Mail, September 19, 1919


As announced in our last issue a public welcome was accorded Private P.J. CARRACHER at Minimay on Friday evening, 29th ult., when there was a large attendance. On the platform with the chairman (Mr E. CROSS) were the guest and his parents, and several other returned soldiers, namely, Messrs. W. O'CALLAGHAN, F.L. HAWKINS, D. NEILL, Jas. NEILL, J. McCARTHY, W. MITCHELL, and C. CRABTREE, and Gunner E.C. CARRACHER, Sergeant T. DEVLIN, (Strathkellar), Corporal F. DUFFY (Melbourne), and Corporal H.B. PHILIPS (Stawell). A most enjoyable program consisted of the National Anthem, the Soldiers' verse, and Home Sweet Home, by the company, followed by speeches of eulogy and welcome by the chairman and Messrs. Robert WILLIS, Robert McLAUGHLIN, J. WATT, Reuben WILLIS, and P.J. LAVERY, interspersed with well-rendered local items by Miss A. WILLIS, A. CARRACHER, and G. WILLIS, and Mr W. O'CALLAGHAN.

The chairman then presented Private CARRACHER with a suitably inscribed gold medal, on behalf of the residents, and "For they are jolly good fellows" was sung by the company.

The guest suitably responded, thanking the people for their kind welcome and presentation. A vote of thanks to the Chairman concluded the social. The hall was then cleared for dancing, which was kept up for some hours, good music being supplied by local talent, and Messrs. E. CROSS and M. LANCASTER acting as M.C's. A splendid supper was provided by the ladies.


A very pleasant evening was spent by a number of residents at the Morea school on Wednesday evening, 3rd inst., the occasion being a welcome home to Corporal H.B. PHILIPS, who, prior to enlisting for active service over three years ago, was head teacher at Morea and Booroopki State schools. The evening was principally devoted to dancing, during an interval in which Mr A. SCHINCKEL, in a well chosen speech spoke of the great esteem in which Corporal PHILIPS was held by all, and more particularly by the children, who always regarded him as a friend. They were all pleased to know that he was again taking up teaching, and that he had gained promotion, which they knew was well deserved.

Corporal PHILIPS feelingly responded, thanking the people for the pleasant little function they had arranged in his honour, and which he had not anticipated. He was pleased to see his old friends and the children, with whom he had spent four and a half years. He thanked the children for the numerous letters they had written him while on active service, which were a great help in cheering one up after a strenuous term in the line. "For he's a jolly good fellow" by the company was then sung, and dancing was resumed. The ladies of Morea and Booroopki provided a very appetising supper. Music was supplied by Messrs. F. SCHUMANN, H. STEHN, M. LANCASTER, and A.F. CARRACHER, and the duties of M.C. were well carried out by Mr M. LANCASTER, assisted by Mr H. CUMING.

Herbert Balderson PHILLIPS appears to be a member of the following family group:

Robert Balderson PHILLIPS & Alice Rosetta ANDREWS

The family of Robert Balderson PHILLIPS & Alice Rosetta ANDREWS appears to be:

  1. Josephine PHILLIPS, b. 1874 Stawell, Vic
  2. John Henry PHILLIPS, b. 1876 Stawell, Vic
  3. William James PHILLIPS, b. 1878 Stawell, Vic
  4. Alice Jane PHILLIPS, b. 1880 Stawell, Vic
  5. Robert Hugh PHILLIPS, b. 1882 Stawell, Vic
  6. Miriam PHILLIPS, b. 1884 Stawell, Vic
  7. Sarah PHILLIPS, b. 1886 Stawell, Vic
  8. Walter Murray PHILLIPS, b. 1888 Stawell, Vic
  9. Annie Margaret PHILLIPS, b. 1891 Stawell, Vic
  10. Herbert Balderson PHILLIPS, b. 1893 Stawell, Vic d. 1940 Fern Tree Gully Vic [Cpl 6563, 7th Battalion AIF]
  11. Ethel May PHILLIPS, b. 1895 Stawell, Vic

Compiled by :
Daryl Crabtree & Daryl Povey

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