World War 1 Avenue of Honour (35 trees)
Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

HINCH, Edgar
Pte 3335, 7th Battalion, AIF

Tree No 20, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Mr F HINCH

The tree in honour of Edgar HINCH was planted by Mr F HINCH who would probably have been one of his elder brothers Francis Albert HINCH or Frederick HINCH.

Edgar HINCH is a member of the following family group:

Hans August HINCH 1855-1924 & Emily HISCOCK 1857-1940

Hans August HINCH, born 1855, Germany was married in 1878 in South Australia to Emily HISCOCK, born 1857, South Australia, daughter of Charles HISCOCK and Susanna BAKER.

The family of Hans August HINCH & Emily HISCOCK and appears to be:

  1. Francis Albert HINCH, b. 1883 SA, mar Jessie Mary McDONALD
  2. William Augustus HINCH, b. 1879 SA, d. 1884, SA
  3. Harold Charles HINCH, b. 1880 SA, d. 1882 SA
  4. Walter Edward HINCH, b. 1882 SA, mar Sophia WILSON
  5. Rose Dorothea HINCH, b. 1886, Goroke, Vic, mar John EXELL
  6. Herbert HINCH, b. 1888 Goroke, Vic, mar Marion EXELL
  7. Charles Percy HINCH, b. 1890 Goroke, Vic, d. 1891
  8. Frederick HINCH, b. 1891 Goroke, Vic, mar Alma Sophie PETRASS
  9. Edgar HINCH, b. 1893 Goroke, Vic, mar Elsie Mabel LEE [Pte 3335 7th Battalion, AIF]
  10. Albert HINCH, b. 1896 Goroke, Vic, mar Vera Rachel EXELL
  11. Elizabeth HINCH, b. 1899 Goroke, Vic, mar Lindsay Gordon PEARSON
  12. Carl HINCH, b. 1904 Goroke, Vic, mar 1 Jemima Winnie MURRELL, mar 2 Lavinia Mary ALI (nee TOWNSEND)

Compiled by :
Daryl Crabtree & Daryl Povey

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