World War 1 Avenue of Honour (35 trees)
Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

SCHUMANN, John David [MM]
Pte 4323, 7th Battalion, AIF

Tree No 32, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Mr F SCHUMANN

John David SCHUMANN appears to be a member of the following family group:

John Frederick William SCHUMANN c1850-1932 & Emily WHITEHEAD c1853-1910

John Frederick William SCHUMANN, born c1850, son of John SCHUMANN and ______ was married in 1873 to Emily WHITEHEAD, born c1853, daughter of John WHITEHEAD and _________.

The family of John Frederick William SCHUMANN and Emily WHITEHEAD appears to be:

  1. Elizabeth Mary SCHUMANN, b. 1875 Point MacLeay, SA, married ? GREENWOOD
  2. Annie Victoria SCHUMANN, b. 1877 Point MacLeay, SA, mat ? HOULIHAN
  3. Flornce Emily SCHUMANN, b. 1879 Point MacLeay, SA, mat ? LAMPARD
  4. Frederick Henry SCHUMANN, b. 1883 Natimuk, Vic
  5. Mabel Adelina SCHUMANN, b. 1885 Goroke, Vic, d. 1896
  6. John David SCHUMANN, b. 1888 Goroke, Vic, d. 1938 Horsham, Vic [Pte 4323, 7th Battalion, AIF, (MM)]
  7. Bertha Amelia SCHUMANN, b. 1892 Goroke, Vic
  8. William Roy SCHUMANN, b. 1895 Goroke, Vic

Compiled by :
Daryl Crabtree & Daryl Povey

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