World War 1 Avenue of Honour (35 trees)
Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

CARRACHER, Eugene Cornelius
Gnr 1315, 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade, AIF

Tree No 11, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Miss C CARRACHER

CARRACHER, James Deasy
Gnr 1314, 36th Heavy Artillery Brigade, AIF

Tree No 12, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Mrs D CARRACHER

West Wimmera Mail - January 4, 1918

Farewell Social at Booroopki

On Wednesday 19th December, at Booroopki, a farewell social was tendered to Gunners J.D and E.C. CARRACHER, who were home on final leave and are due to sail shortly with the 17th reinforcements to the Australian Heavy Artillery Group. Mr P.J. LAVERY occupied the chair, and spoke in an eulogistic strain of the guests, whom he had known since their infancy. He felt sure they would keep up the good name of Australia when they got to the other side, and he hoped it would not be long before they, and all the other brave men returned victoriously. On behalf of the residents he presented each soldier with a sum of money which to purchase a suitable article which would serve to remind them of their Booroopki friends, who all wished them a safe return to Booroopki.

Messrs F.A. CRABTREE, F. FORSTER, J.H. HARVEY, D.J. CRABTREE, W. JONES, and D.J. CRABTREE jnr., also added their quota, wishing the guests a safe campaign and a speedy return.

Both lads suitably responded thanking their friends of Booroopki for their gift, and the chairman and others for their kind remarks which would serve as great encouragement to them in future whatever their lot might be, although they were afraid they were not worthy of the good opinions expressed by the speakers. They would procure suitable articles with the money given them, and they would be constant reminders of their kind friends at Booroopki., who had their best wishes for the coming year.

Mr. D. CARRACHER also thanked the people for the honour they had done his sons, and the chairman and speakers for their kindly references to the family, also the ladies for the splendid spread provided. He too was sorry that his sons had to go to war, but he recognised it was their duty, and he hoped they would always try to be good soldiers. Dancing was resumed and continued untill dawn, when the singing of the National Anthem, "God Save Our Splendid Men," and "Auld Lang Syne," brought the function to a close.

Gunners CARRACHER left for camp on Friday 28th December.

Hamilton Spectator, Tuesday 22/7/1919. p4.


At Minimay on the 14th inst. an enthusiastic public welcome was acccorded Ptes C Crabtree (Booroopki), T Delaney (Morea), and Gunner E C Carracher (Booroopki), the social having been arranged by the Booroopki welcome home social committee. Other returned soldiers present were :- Messrs T Marsh (Melbourne), T Dickenson (Gymbowen), J Neill, W Mitchell, J McCarthy, F L Hawkins, and B P Neill. As they marched to the platform, led by the guests of the evening, they received a hearty ovation. After the National Anthem and “God Save Our Splendid Men” had been rendered, the chariman, Mr P J Lavery, and Messrs Robt Willis, A Schinckel and Reuben Willis spoke words of welcome to the guests, wishing them a happy future and a speedy return to their usual health. The chairman, on behalf of the residents of Booroopki and Morea, presented Private Crabtree and Gunner Carracher with suitably inscribed gold medals. He explained that one had already been presented to Pte Delaney at Morea on the 8th inst. when a welcome social was tendered to L/C J Schumann, who was home on a short leave, and was obliged to return to Melbourne for treatment, and may be away some considerable time. Ptes Crabtree and Delaney and Gunner Carracher feeling thanked the people for the cordial welcome given them and for the handsome medals. “They are jolly good fellows” was then enthusiastically sung by the company, and a vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the social. During the evening much appreciated songs were rendered by Misses G Willis and A Lavery, and Messrs A Schinckel, and P J Lavery, and Mr Schinckel favoured the company with a humorous recitation. Dancing was indulged in for a few hours. Mr P McCarthy being MC. Good music was provided by Miss E Willis, Mrs M McLaughlin, and Messrs P J Carracher, C Stehn, and L J Carracher. A first-class repast was supplied by the ladies.

Gnr E C CARRACHER and Gnr J D CARRACHER are brothers in the family group of:

Daniel Patrick CARRACHER 1856-1928 & Ellen Elizabeth COLLINS 1864-1923

Daniel Patrick CARRACHER, born 1856 Portland, Vic, son of James CARRACHER and Mary McCANN was married in 1884 to Ellen Elizabeth COLLINS, born 1864 Redruth, Vic, daughter of John and Mary COLLINS.

The family of Daniel Patrick CARRACHER and Ellen Elizabeth COLLINS appears to be:

  1. Patrick James CARRACHER, b. 1886 Apsley, Vic [Pte P J CARRACHER, 5th Battalion AIF]
  2. John CARRACHER, b. 1887 Apsley, Vic [AIF]
  3. Catherine Mary CARRACHER, b. 1889 Minimay, Vic
  4. Arthur Francis CARRACHER, b. 1894 Neuarpurr, Vic
  5. James Deasy CARRACHER, b. 1895 Neuarpurr, Vic [Gnr 1314, 36th HAB, AIF]
  6. Eugene Cornelius CARRACHER, b. 1896 Neuarpurr, Vic [Gnr 1315, 36th HAB, AIF]
  7. Daniel Francis CARRACHER, b. 1899 Neuarpurr, Vic
  8. Alan Vincent CARRACHER, b. 1901, Neuarpurr, Vic

Compiled by :
Daryl Crabtree & Daryl Povey

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