World War 1 Avenue of Honour (35 trees)
Booroopki, West Wimmera, Victoria, Australia

SREHN, Albert Ernest
Pte 6896A, 24th Battalion, AIF

Tree No 33, planted 28 August, 1918
Tree Planter: Mrs C W STEHN

Alfred Ernest STEHN appears to be a member of the following family group:

Hans Christian William STEHN c1839-1915 & Maria Caroline Wilhelmina REIMERS c1842-1918

Hans Christian William STEHN, born c1839, son of Johann Deidrich STEHN and Catherine Sophia LAGGAN was married in 1869 to Maria Caroline Wilhelmina REIMERS, born c1842, daughter of Johann Heinrich Wilhelm REIMERS and Rumers Dorothea PAMPEREIN.

The family of Hans Christian William STEHN and Maria Caroline Wilhelmina REIMERS appears to be:

  1. Johann Hermann STEHN, b. 1871 Point MacLeay, SA, mar1 Elizabeth SMITH, mar2 Eliza Isabell CRAIG
  2. Charles Wilhelm STEHN, b. 1872 Point MacLeay, SA, mar Alice ROBINSON
  3. Johann Christian STEHN, b. 1874 Point MacLeay, SA
  4. Augustine Emma STEHN, b. 1875 Natimuk, Vic, mar William Allitt ROBINSON
  5. Annie Maria STEHN, b. 1877 Natimuk, Vic
  6. William Heinrich STEHN, b. 1879 Natimuk, Vic
  7. Catherine Louisa STEHN, b. 1881 Natimuk, Vic
  8. Christine Mathilde STEHN, b. 1882 Natimuk, Vic, mar John ROBINSON
  9. Dora Caroline STEHN, b. 1885, Vic, mar William Allitt ROBINSON
  10. Albert Ernest STEHN, b. 1887 Noradjuha, Vic, d. 1968 Minimay, Vic [Pte 6896A, 24th Battalion, AIF]

Compiled by :
Daryl Crabtree & Daryl Povey

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