John Gibson PROUDFOOT 1834-1923, b. Coulter, Lanarkshire, Scotland, son of Rev. James PROUDFOOT and Janet GIBSON married in 1867 at Penshurst, Victoria to Harriett MILBOURNE 1842-1871, b. VDL (Tasmania), daughter of Henry MILBOURNE and Mary Ann BEST.

John PROUDFOOT's first wife, Harriett gave birth to two children before she died in 1871 at Carapook and was buried at Branxholme S-W Victoria.

John PROUDFOOT and Harriett MILBOURNE had the following family...

  1. Mary PROUDFOOT 1868-1949 b. Hamilton, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Victoria, m. 1896 to David Ferguson GORDON c. 1870-1963, b. Co Armagh, Northern Ireland, d. Queensland, Australia.

  2. James Albert "Jim" PROUDFOOT 1871-1922, b. Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. Adelaide, South Australia, m. 1900 to Margaret Victoria ADAMSON 1879-1982, b. Ballarat, Victoria, d. Adelaide, SA.

John PROUDFOOT married again in 1872 to Mary Anna PENROSE 1840-1919, born Cornwall, England to Thomas Matthews PENROSE and Susanna JELBART, and continued to live (4 children born) at Carapook until the early 1880s.

John PROUDFOOT, Storekeeper of Carapook, S-W Victoria, with 3 school-aged children, living 1/2 mile West of Carapook was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook.

John PROUDFOOT and family had moved by 1883 from Carapook, S-W Victoria to Mildura, Victoria and Euston on the Murray River, NSW, where they resided until 1898.

John PROUDFOOT and family moved in 1898 from Mildura, Victoria or Euston, NSW to Murwillumbah on the Tweed River, NSW, where John operated the general store for many years until it was taken over by his son William. He continued to live at Murwillumbah where his second wife died in 1919 and he died in 1923, aged 89y.

John PROUDFOOT and Mary Anna PENROSE had the following family...

  1. Susannah Janet PROUDFOOT 1873-1907, b. Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. Murwillumbah, NSW.

  2. Elizabeth Agnes "Bessie" PROUDFOOT 1876-1881, b. and d. 1881, Carapook, S-W Victoria (accidentally shot)

  3. Grace PROUDFOOT 1878-1962, b. Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. Murwillumbah, NSW, m. 1910 to Ernest SMALES 1878-1960, b. Tasmania, d. Lismore, NSW.

  4. William Alexander PROUDFOOT 1880-1966, b. Carapook, S-W Victoria, d. Murwillumbah, NSW, m. 1909 to Ann Jane CAMPBELL 1886-1969.

  5. Harriet Bessie PROUDFOOT 1883-1957, b. Euston, NSW, d. Murwillumbah, NSW, m. John POOLE c.1880-1947.

Some siblings of John PROUDFOOT who came to Australia from Scotland were...