John McNICOL 1830-1911, b. Lochgilphead, Scotland to Ronald McNICOL and Mary McGILP, emigrated to Australia before 1860 when he married at Mount Burr, South Australia to Ann McLEOD c.1841-1935, b. Isle of Skye, Scotland to Roderick McLEOD and Mary CAMPBELL. This couple had a large family in South Australia; "Chetwynd" (Vic); "Tahara" (Vic) and at their property "Danna" Tahara between Coleraine and Merino in south-west Victoria.

John McNICOL was a station manager for many years for Mr Archibald JOHNSON, starting at "Mount Muirhead" (SA); "Chetwynd" (Vic); "Tahara" (Vic); "Konongwootong" (Vic); "Glenlivet" (Vic); "Rifle Range" (Vic); and "Glenorchy" (Vic). After leaving the employ of Archibald JOHNSON he resided on his own property of "Danna" Tahara, and purchased the property of "Rosedale" Carapook (Vic) from Mr W. T. PENROSE in 1895. He died in 1911 at "Danna" Tahara and was buried at Coleraine, S-W Victoria. His widow Anne died in 1935 also at "Danna" Tahara and was buried at Coleraine, S-W Victoria.

Duncan Archibald McNICOL 1877-1955, one of their sons, ran the "Rosedale" Estate at Carapook, lived at "Blackwood", Carapook and later owned the large property of "Phoines" at Carapook until his death in 1955.

John McNICOL & Ann McLEOD had the following known family:

  1. Mary McNICOL 1860-1862, b. and d. at or near Robe, South Australia.
  2. John Ronald McNICOL 1862-1935, b. near Robe, South Australia, d. Portland, S-W Victoria; m. 1893 at Merino, Victoria to Emily KOHN 1866-1956.
  3. Duncan Roderick McNICOL 1863-1863, b. and d. __, Victoria, Australia
  4. Donald McNICOL 1865-1951, b. Chetwynd, S-W Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m.1 1912 to Margaret Christina McGILP 1876-1914, b. Coleraine, Victoria to Alexander McGILP and Ann McDOUGALL; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m.2 1921 to Frances Mary LYON 1877-1955, b. Balmoral, Victoria to George McConochie LYON and Marian McKEAND; d. Coleraine, Victoria.
  5. James Alexander McNICOL 1866-1891, b. "Danna" Tahara, S-W Victoria; d. "Danna" Tahara, S-W Victoria.
  6. Flora McNICOL 1868-1946, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria.
  7. Annie McNICOL 1870-1960, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1906 to John McLEOD c.1854-1931, b. Inverness-shire, Scotland to Ewan McLEOD and Jessie ...; d. Coleraine, Victoria.
  8. Neil McNICOL 1872-1951, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. "Danna" Tahara, S-W Victoria. [single]
  9. Mary McNICOL 1873-1959, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria.
  10. Margaret Catherine McNICOL 1875-1912, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Branxholme, Victoria; m. 1908 to Archibald Fairlie McGUGAN 1874-1942, b. Branxholme, Victoria to Donald McGUGAN and Margaret Clare Ann Ellen FAIRLIE; d. Hamilton, Victoria.
  11. Duncan Archibald McNICOL 1877-1955, b. Coleraine, Victoria; owned "Phoines" Estate, Carapook, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1922 to Elizabeth Jessie McARTHUR 1890-1954, b. Maffra Victoria to Duncan McARTHUR and Elizabeth Jessie "Eliza" McCORKINDALE; d. "Phoines" Estate, Carapook, Victoria. Children...
    • Joan Isabel McNICOL
    • Archibald Duncan "Archie" McNICOL 1924-1985
    • John McArthur McNICOL
    • Margaret Jane McNICOL
  12. Archibald Duncan McNICOL c. 1880-1923, b. ..?..; Grazier of "Danna" Tahara, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  13. Christina Miriam McNICOL 1881-1957, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Echuca, Victoria; m. 1914 to Peter David FERRIER 1876-1938, b. Coleraine, Victoria to John FERRIER and Alicia Jane HANLON; d. Echuca, Victoria.
  14. Emily Isabella McNICOL 1885-1955, b. Tahara, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1919 to James Duncan FERRIER 1872-1943, b. Salt Pans, Coleraine, Victoria to James FERRIER and Christina SWAN; d. Coleraine, Victoria.
  15. Jessie McNICOL 1886-1886, b. and d. Coleraine, Victoria.