George CARMICHAEL, b. 1811, Paisley, Scotland son of George CARMICHAEL and Mary Ann McPHEE was married in 1846 at Chetwynd Station, (north of Casterton), Victoria, Australia to Susan NASH, b. 1830 Oldham, Lancashire, England, daughter of Thomas NASH (soldier) and Elizabeth SUNISTER.

George and Susan CARMICHAEL had a number of children at "Chetwynd" or "Muntham" Stations, in South-Western Victoria.

Susan died at Chetwynd and was buried near the Chetwynd Cemetery in 1873. George died in Geelong in 1891.

George CARMICHAEL & Susan NASH had the following known family:

  1. Elizabeth CARMICHAEL b. 1847, Chetwynd, Vic, m. George Thomas SPARK at "Muntham" Station.
  2. Mary Ann CARMICHAEL b. 1849, Chetwynd, Vic, m. Thomas MOYLAN at Carapook, Vic
  3. George Charles CARMICHAEL b. 1850, Casterton, Vic, m. Annie Elizabeth SAUNDERS
  4. Thomas CARMICHAEL b. 1852, Mt Shadwell, Vic,
  5. Alexander CARMICHAEL b. 1854, d. 1855, Mortlake, Vic,
  6. Sarah Ann CARMICHAEL b. 1856, Hexham, Vic, m. Philip FLACK
  7. James CARMICHAEL b. 1858, d. 1858, Mortlake, Vic,
  8. William CARMICHAEL b. 1859, Mortlake, Vic, m. Susan Maria O'BREE
  9. Margaret Small CARMICHAEL b. 1861, Mortlake, Vic, m. George Thomas MITCHEM
  10. Catherine CARMICHAEL b. 1864, Mortake, Vic, m. James Davidson TELFER
  11. Charles CARMICHAEL b. 1866, "Muntham" Station, Vic, m. Rhoda PESKETT
  12. Alexander CARMICHAEL b. 1870, Carapook, d. 1970, Vic,
  13. Samuel CARMICHAEL b. 1873, Casterton, Vic,

Document to download - Mary MOYLAN (nee CARMICHAEL) reminisces in 1923.