George EDWARDS, b. c1844, Hindmarsh, South Australia, son of George EDWARDS and Sophia BROMLEY married Ellen SHAW (1851-1922) at Digby, Victoria in 1866. George EDWARDS was recorded as a 21y old farmer of Bruk Bruk when he married Ellen SHAW.

Ellen SHAW b. 1851, Belfast, Victoria daughter of William SHAW and Mary JORDAN was aged 16y and living at Hotspur, Victoria at the time of her marriage.

James Edward/Edmund BROMLEY was also a famer of Bruk Bruk in 1865 and would appear to be an uncle (or relation) of George EDWARDS as he witnessed the 1866 marriage of George EDWARDS and Ellen SHAW at Digby, Victoria. He moved to New Zealand with his family after 1865.

George and Ellen EDWARDS had at least 10 children from 1866 to 1892 with most born in the Harrow area of Victoria.

Ellen EDWARDS (nee SHAW) died at Harrow in 1922 and George EDWARDS of Harrow died at Naracoorte, South Australia in 1923.

George EDWARDS and Ellen SHAW had the following known family...

  1. George William EDWARDS b. c1869, ___, d. 1939, Harrow, Victoria; m _____ ?

  2. Elizabeth Emma EDWARDS b. 1873, ___, d. 1873, Casterton, Victoria.

  3. Henry EDWARDS b. 1875, ___, Victoria d. 1955, Hamilton, Victoria; m _____ ?

  4. Peter EDWARDS b. 1877, Harrow, Victoria, _____ ?

  5. John Andrew EDWARDS b. 1879, Harrow, Victoria, _____ ?

  6. Elena EDWARDS b. 1881, Harrow, Victoria, d. 1945, Harrow, Victoria; m 1903, Samuel HADDEN 1868-1914

  7. James David EDWARDS b. 1884, Harrow, Victoria d. _____, m. 1913 Edith Catherine BENNETT 1890-1975.

  8. Alice Maud EDWARDS b. 1886, Harrow, Victoria, d. 1964, Coleraine, Victoria; m 1908, John William BEATON 1886-1960.

  9. Elizabeth May EDWARDS b. 1890, Harrow, Victoria, d. 1973, Edenhope, Victoria; m 1915, Arthur Edward NEAVE 1884-1933.

  10. Amy Catherine Bromley EDWARDS b. 1892, Harrow, Victoria, d. 1969, Natimuk, Victoria; m 1923, Russell ANSON 1894-1971.