James Edward BROMLEY, b. c1820, ___, son of ___ and ___ was recorded as aged 29 years when he married in 1849, at Adelaide, South Australia to Catherine HILL (c1818-1906).

J E BROMLEY is recorded as a landowner of Bruk Bruk (Carapook), Victoria in 1863 & 1865.

J E BROMLEY is recorded as a landowner of Bruk Bruk (Carapook), Victoria in 1863 & 1865.

James Edward/Edmund BROMLEY signed a letter dated 1 Nov 1865 from the Bruk Bruk School Committee to the Board of Education applying for aid under the Common Schools Act. He appears to be an uncle of George EDWARDS.

James Edgar BROMLEY was recorded as a 14 year old prospective pupil for a school at Bruk Bruk (Carapook) in 1865. He appears to be a son of James Edward/Edmund BROMLEY who had been born in South Australia in 1851.

J E BROMLEY was a witness to an 1866 marriage in Digby, Victoria between George EDWARDS, 21 year old farmer of Bruk Bruk (Carapook) to 16 year old Ellen SHAW of Hotspur. George EDWARDS may have been a nephew (or other relation) of James Edward/Edmund BROMLEY as Geroge EDWARD's mother was a Sophia BROMLEY of London and South Australia.

James Edward/Edmund BROMLEY, wife Catherine (nee HILL) and son James Edgar BROMLEY appear to have moved to New Zealand before 1879 when James Edgar BROMLEY married Mary Eliza BOULT of Auckland, NZ.

James Edgar BROMLEY and Mary Eliza BOULT had a number of children in the Otago region of New Zealand and a number of his sons served in World War 1 with the New Zealand Forces. One of his sons, Alexander BROMLEY was killed at Gallipoli in 1915.

James Edward/Edmund BROMLEY and his wife Catherine died and were buried at Dunedin, New Zealand in 1906.

James Edward BROMLEY and Catherine HILL had the following known family...

  1. James Edgar BROMLEY b. 1851, South Australia, d. 1931, Dunedin, NZ, m. 1879 New Zealand to Mary Eliza BOULT c1861-1945. In 1893 they were living at Tapanui (Otago), Southland, New Zealand. James and Mary BROMLEY had the following known family....
    1. William Edgar BROMLEY b. 1879, New Zealand, served in WW1 with the NZEF and d. 1949, Rutherglen, West Coast, New Zealand.
    2. James Henry BROMLEY b. 1882, New Zealand, d. 1894, Tapanui, Otago, New Zealand.
    3. Charles Edward BROMLEY b. 1884, New Zealand, served in WW1 with the Otago Mounted Rifles, NZEF and d. 1961, Westport, West Coast, New Zealand.
    4. Alexander BROMLEY b. c1889, New Zealand, served in WW1 with the Wellington Mounted Rifles, NZEF and KIA, May 1915, Gallipoli, Turkey.
    5. James Harden BROMLEY b. abt.1895, New Zealand, served in WW1 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, NZEF, m. Dorothy Alice HAYDEN, d. 1974, Rotorua, New Zealand.
    6. John Henry BROMLEY b. abt.1879, New Zealand, served in WW1 with the NZEF, m. Elsie Lindsay McMINN...............?

  2. Mary Emma BROMLEY b. 1855, South Australia d. 1856, Peachy Belt, South Australia.

  3. Henry Hill BROMLEY b. 1856, Peachy Belt, South Australia d. 1857, Port Adelaide, South Australia.