William NEAVE, b. 1816, Norfolk, England son of Thomas NEAVE and Maragret ISBELL was married in 1839 in Norfolk, England to Hannah WILLIAMS, b. 1818 Bwich Carno, Wales, dau of Thomas WILLIAMS and Susannah HUGHES.

This couple along with five children emigrated in 1855 and arrived at Portalnd, Victoria on the "Cairngorm" in September 1855. Their youngest child Robert died on the voyage aged 9 months.

Two more children were born near Harrow or Nareen in 1856 and 1858. William and Hannah died at Tarrayoukyan in 1887 and 1892 respectively.

There is a block of land north of Carapook with W. EAVES as the owner in 1869. This name cannot be locaed and it is possible it may have been and error with the name and may have been owned by William NEAVE. One of his sons, Robert, married Catherine McCAHILL from Carapook and a daughter Harriet, married Nathaniel HODGETTS from Carapook which makes links with the Carapook area.

William NEAVE & Hannah WILLIANS had the following known family:

  1. William NEAVE b. 1840, Eng, m. Elizabeth FLACK
  2. Henriette NEAVE b. 1844, Eng, m1. John LAIRD, m2. Henry FOY
  3. Hannah NEAVE b. 1845, Eng, m. Andrew KENNEDY
  4. Harriet NEAVE b. 1851, Eng, m. Nathaniel HODGETTS
  5. Robert NEAVE b. 1854, Eng, d. 1855 at sea on "Cairngorm"
  6. Rosetta NEAVE b. 1856, Nareen, Vic, m1. Benjamin BURNS, m2. Thomas BRAY
  7. Robert J NEAVE b. 1858, Harrow, Vic, m. Catherine McCAHILL