Edward McCALLUM b. 1804, Ardno, Lochgilphead, Argyllshire (Arl), Scotland, son of Colin McCALLUM & Isabella McCALLUM. He was an early settler in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania) and Port Phillip (Victoria) and became a squatter at "Ardno" Strathdownie in S-W Victoria and a few key events related to his life are...

Edward McCALLUM & Jessie McARTHUR had the following family:

  1. Mary Margaret McCALLUM, b. 1853, "Ardno West" Strathdownie, Vic, d. 1937, England, m. 1869 Malcolm McKINNON ~1820-1877.
  2. Collina Isabella McCALLUM 1855-1924, b. "Ardno" Strathdownie, Vic, d. Albury, NSW, m. James McLELLAN 1844-1913, b. "Ardachy" Branxholme, Vic., of "Cape Wrath" station Macarthur, Vic., died at Drouin, Vic. 8 children 1877-1901 [Jessie, Winifred, John, Edith, Constance, Richard, Margaret and Colin.]
  3. Edith Jessie McCALLUM, b. 1857, "Ardno" Strathdownie, Vic, d. 1934, Melbourne, Vic., m1. Richard CROWE 1858-1886; m2. Malcolm Alexander McLEOD 1868-1942.
  4. Joanna Isabella Elizabeth McCALLUM, b. ~1868, "Ardgarten" Digby, Vic, d. 1921, Melbourne, Vic., m. James McCALLUM 1842-1911, of Mingbool, Kaladbro, Carapook & Melbourne.
    James McCALLUM b. 1842 Inverary, Argyllshire, Scotland, son of Duncan McCALLUM and Mary McCALLUM arrived at Point Henry, Geelong in 1851 on the "Statesman" aged 13y, along with his parents and siblings. He appears to have been at "Ardno West" Station by 1866, which at that time was operated by Edward McCALLUM. It appears James became a selector just over the SA border at Mingbool and later became manager of "Kaladbro" just on the Victorian side of the border. Prior to 1907 James purchased a 476 acre property at Carapook which was a a part of the original "Muntham" Station. He appears to have leased this property in 1907 and retired with his wife and daughter to Melbourne where he died in 1911.
  5. Alice Jemima McCALLUM, b. 1862, Coanyenne Parish, S-W Vic, d. 1947, Melbourne, Vic.
  6. Sarah Katherine McCALLUM, b. 1865, Mumbannar, S-W Vic, d. 1926, Stirling, near Adelaide, SA, m. 1887 at Strathdownie to Henry Wardell MORRIS 1857-1944, son of Thomas Henry MORRIS and Ann HUTCHISON. 1 son Richard 1888-1936.