Malcolm McKINNON, b. ca 1820, Isle of Skye, Inverness, Scotland, son of Charles McKINNON and Hannah "Una" NICHOLSON. His known siblings were - Catherine ~1806-1888, Donald "the elder" ~1810-1864, Christina 1811-1883, Jessie ~1815- " , Peter ~1818-1861, Donald "the younger" ~1820-1869 & Hector 1823-1881.

Malcolm McKINNON was married in 1869, Ardno, S-W Victoria to Mary Margaret McCALLUM, b. 1853 Ardno, South Australia, daughter of Edward McCALLUM and Jessie McARTHUR.

This McKINNON family is connected with the properties of "Mingbool" S-E South Australia and "Kaladbro" at Strathdownie, S-W Victoria and one of their sons, Hector Malcolm McKINNON is listed on the Carapook WW1 Honour Roll.

Hector Malcolm McKINNON was the owner of "Muntham" Station at Carapook up until his death 1940.

Malcolm McKINNON & Mary Margaret McCALLUM had the following known family:

  1. Hannah Margaret McKINNON b. 1870, "Mingbool" SA, m. Lewis Norman WAY, lived in England;
  2. Charles Edward McKINNON b. 1872, "Mingbool" SA, d. 1894 New Zealand (ship-wreck of "Wairarapa";
  3. Malcolm Nicholson McKINNON b. 1874, "Mingbool" SA, d. 1941, Hamilton, Vic., m. Isabella Beatrix Somerville PATTERSON 1879-1964
  4. Jessie Isabelle McKINNON b. 1875, "Mingbool" SA, d. 1942, Scotland, m. Rev. Halbert Johnston BOYD 1872-1957;
  5. Hector Malcolm McKINNON b. 1877, "Mingbool" SA, d. 1940 "Muntham" Station, S-W Vic., m. Leslie May ANDERSON owner of "Muntham" Station at Carapook, Vic
  6. Hector Malcolm McKINNON & Leslie May ANDERSON had the following known children:
    1. Sheila Margaret McKINNON, b. 1908, Hamilton, Vic., m. Duncan Waldron SINCLAIR
    2. Nancy Joyce McKINNON, b. 1911, St Kilda, Melbourne, Vic, m. Robert Forbes McLEOD