Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD 1833-1913, b. Castle Gregory, Co Kerry, Ireland son of Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD and Mary FINN was married in 1863 at Portland, Victoria to Robina HAWKINS 1841-1916, b. Dumfries-shire, Scotland, daughter of James Martin HAWKINS and Margaret CARRUTHERS.

This couple paid rates to the value of 122 on property at Carapook in 1875 and lived at "Tulleigh", Sandford.

They both died at Sandford and were buried at Portland, Bryan in 1913 and Robina in 1916.

Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD & Robina HAWKINS had the following known family:

  1. Mary Ellen FITZGERALD 1864-1936, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

  2. Isabella Hawkins FITZGERALD 1865-1873, b. Portland, Victoria; d. ...?..., Victoria.

  3. James Hawkins FITZGERALD 1867-1935, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Geraldton, Western Australia; m. 1910, WA to Annie COWAN

  4. Julia FITZGERALD 1869-..?.., b. Casterton, Victoria, ...?...

  5. Margaret Jane FITZGERALD 1870-1925, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Merino, Victoria; m. 1891 to Thomas Ellis SILVESTER 1860-1924, b. Balmoral, Victoria; d. Merino, Victoria.

  6. John Bryan FITZGERALD 1871-1942, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Young, NSW; m. 1907 NSW to Ethel Maud MEWBURN 1879-1942, b. Dimboola, Victoria to James MEWBURN and Sarah BENNETT; d. Young, NSW.

  7. Eugene Finn FITZGERALD 1873-1945, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Harrow, Victoria; m. 1899 to Annie DOWLING 1875-1941, b. Hamilton, Victoria to Peter DOWLING and Ann TOOLEY; d. Harrow, Victoria.

  8. Robina FITZGERALD 1875-1940, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1919 to Henry DYSON c.1871-...?..., b. Sandford, Victoria to Henry Samuel DYSON and Mary Ann EGAN; d. ...?...

  9. Bryan Cunningham FITZGERALD 1877-1882, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Merino, Victoria,

  10. George Carruthers FITZGERALD 1880-1898, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Sandford, Victoria.

  11. Gerald Thomas FITZGERALD 1881-1911, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Sandford, Victoria.

  12. Bryan Reginald FITZGERALD 1883-1945, b. Merino, Victoria; d. Wando Vale, Victoria; m. 1920 to Elvire Henriette SION.
    • Served in WW1 as Captain in the 13th Light Horse Regiment, AIF
    • enlisted 13 April, 1915
    • RTA 20 May, 1919
    • 1915, Grazier of 'Tulliegh', Sandford
    • Sandford War Memorial

  13. Leo Cussen FITZGERALD 1886-1936, b. Sandford, Victoria; d. Elmhurst, Victoria; m. 1915 to Ella Constance FRIEND 1886-1972, b. Coleraine, Victoria to Joseph Frederick FRIEND and Bridget Agnes O'CONNOR; d. Melbourne, Victoria.