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1840 : Matthew GIBSON & James JACKSON

In October, 1840, Messrs Matthew GIBSON c.1802-1857 and James JACKSON, both from Melbourne, took up the land between "Warrock" and "Nangeela" on the Glenelg and called their run "Roseneath." In his 1853 letter to Governor La Trobe John George ROBERTSON mentions the formation of these stations and the arrival of JACKSON & GIBSON.
"...In October of 1841 Messrs. Jackson and Gibson from Melbourne came on the remaining unoccupied land on the right and left banks of the Glenelg, between Warrock on the right and Nangeela on the left, as far up as the company stations of Winter, Forlonge, and others, thus fourteen miles on both sides of the river. This was the farthest west station for two years. In the Gibson family there were two ladies (on the verge of the wilderness), one of them an old lady of 70 years of age. Mr. Jackson left for Scotland, leaving his station in charge of a Mr. Bell, who occupied the Dergholm Station on the Westbank, Mr. Gibson occupying the Roseneath on the east bank about six miles apart. The ladies, Mrs. Gibson and Mrs. McFarlane, lived in tents for ten months. Mr. G. was but an indifferent manager, and had indeed hardships to encounter. Soon after they arrived they congregated a large number of natives about their place, whom they kept hanging about, doing and undoing, to keep them employed. The ladies were anxious to get a garden formed, as they had a quantity of English seeds. They got the natives to work in the garden for them, but they were expensive labour...."
Source : "Letters from Victorian Pioneers" published March 1899

1843 : William Francis SPLATT

William Francis SPLATT 1810-1893, a merchant of St Kilda, Melbourne took over "Roseneath" which he held until 1849 when it was transferred to John RALSTON, formerly of Evandale, VDL (Tasmania).

1849 : John RALSTON took over "Roseneath" which he held until 1875.

John RALSTON 1810-1880, b. Inch, Wigtonshire, Scotland, to Robert RALSTON & Elizabeth BRYCE, of Evandale, VDL (Tasmania), squatter of "Roseneath" 1849-'75 & "Dergholm" stations, Casterton, S-W Vic., d. "Logan Falls" Evandale, Tasmania, m. 1844 at Launceston, VDL (Tasmania) to Rachel Weir HUTCHINSON 1823-1872, of Edinburgh, Scotland, d. "Logan Falls" Evandale, Tamania.

1853 : C & J SIMSON & John RALSTON

Rev. Charles Blair SIMSON 1812-1872, of O'Brien's BRIDGE, VDL (Tasmania) joined John RALSTON in the lease of "Roseneath" which he held until his death at "Roseneath" in 1872, and burial in the Old Casterton cemetery.

1855 : Alexander Campbell McFARLANE "Roseneath" Station Overseer/Manager

Alexander Campbell McFARLANE c.1822-1896, b. Mull, Argyllshire, Scotland, arrived at Portland in 1854, station overseer/manager at "Roseneath" Casterton and "Penola" SA for RALSTON & SIMSON, later at "Monbeong Lake" near Nelson, S-W Vic., where he died. He married on Mull in 1853 to Ann McLEAN 1828-1907, b. Mull, Argyllshire, Scotland, d. Mt Gambier, SA. 6 children, 3 born at "Roseneath".

1854 : Adam BEVERIDGE "Roseneath" Station Manager

Adam BEVERIDGE 1799-c1846, b. Fifeshire, Scotland, arrived in VDL in 1823, with Robert RALSTON, married his daughter Margaret RALSTON 1805-1886 at Hobart Town in 1825. They lived in NSW and Launceston, VDL until at least 1843 when he became insolvent, went to Hong Kong and died c1846. His wife Margaret died at Launceston, Tasmania in 1886. Adam's son Adam BEVERIDGE c1835-1889, b. VDL, station manager at "Roseneath" Casterton for John RALSTON & SIMSON in the 1850s, at Smeaton in the 1860s, died Sydney, NSW. Jessie BEVERIDGE 1838-1899, daughter of Adam BEVERIDGE married Hastings Alfred ELMS at "Roseneath" in 1859.

1872 : Rev. Charles Blair SIMSON died at "Roseneath"

Rev. Charles Blair SIMSON 1812-1872, b. Blainslie, Berwickshire, Scotland, son of John SIMSON & Elizabeth SOMERVILLE, a Presbyterian Minister at O'Brien's Bridge, Hobart Town 1841-1870, squatter of "Roseneath" station, Casterton, Vic., d. "Roseneath" Casterton, S-W Victoria, m. 1846 at Launceston, VDL, to Mary Anne WILSON 1825-1866, d. O'Brien's Bridge, Hobart, Tasmania. 9 children.

1872 : Charles SIMSON inherited "Roseneath" station

Charles SIMSON 1861-1937 inherited "Roseneath" station after the death of his father Rev. Charles Blair SIMSON.

1874 : Bamford BEBEE c.1823-1884, gardiner at "Roseneath"

Bamford BEBEE c.1823-1884, b. Huntingdonshire, England, to John BEBEE & ... SELBY, d. Casterton, S-W Vic., gardiner of "Roseneath" Station, Casterton, m. 1871 at Geelong, Vic., to Anne DENMEAD c.1843-18992, b. Surrey, England, to Nathaniel DENMEAD & Ann KEMP. Anne BEBEE signed 1891 Womens' Suffrage Petition, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria. Some children went to Western Australia.

1876 : Roseneath State School No.1730 opened

1892 : Roseneath Gold and Silver Prospecting Company

1905 : Roseneath Closer Settlement