William COE c.1824-1887, b. Norfolkshire, England tp William COE and .?.; married in 1857 at Portland, Victoria to Frances Elizabeth PITCHER 1837-1924, b. Dorsetshire, England, to Aaron PITCHER and Elizabeth PITCHER. William and Frances COE both died at Coleraine, Victoria and are buried in the Coleraine cemetery.

William COE from Norfolk, England arrived in Victoria c.1851 and was first engaged at "Muntham" Station before he became involved in farming in the Coleraine area of SW Victoria.

Frances Elizabeth PITCHER from Dorsetshire, England arrived at Port Phillip (Victoria) in 1849 with her father and 5 siblings; she was first engaged at "Muntham" Station before her marriage to William COE in 1857.

William COE and Frances PITCHER had the following family...

  1. Elizabeth COE 1859-1944, b. Portland, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1886 at Coleraine, Victoria to William Samuel COX 1860-1930, b. Melbourne, Victoria to Samuel COX and Sophia RIBONS; 5 children; d. Melbourne, Victoria.

  2. Mary COE 1861-1914, b. Portland, Victoria; spinster; d. Coleraine, Victoria.

  3. Isabella COE 1864-1937, b. "Murndal" Station (on the Wannon), Victoria; d. Chapple Vale 9S of Colac), Victoria; m. 1896 at Coleraine, Victoria to George SKINNER 1872-1942, b. Coleraine, Victoria to John SKINNER and Annie ANSON; 4 children; d. Colac, Victoria.

  4. William COE 1866-1937, b. Coleraine, Victoria; spinster, horse trainer; d. Coleraine, Victoria.

  5. John COE 1869-1950, b. Coleraine, Victoria; Orchardist; d. Coleraine, Victoria, m. 2893 Victoria to Mary Ann Matthais PITCHER 1864-1940, b. Portland, Victoria to John PITCHER and Mary Ann Matthais CAREY; 1 son; d, Melbourne, Victoria,

  6. George COE 1871-1943, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. Devondale (S of Colac), Victoria; m. 1903 Victoria to Mary Ann MORROW 1872-1958, b. Ballarat district, Victoria to George MORROW and Mary Ann OATES; 5 children; d. Geelong, Victoria.

  7. Frances Ellen COE 1874-1956, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. Tongala, Victoria; m. 1907 Coleraine, Victoria to Digby George TOMKINS 1878-1970, b. Byaduk, Victoria to John James TOMKINS and Annie Julia DIGBY; Farmer of Clover Flat (on the Wannon) and Tongla, Victoria; 3 children; d. Tongala, Victoria.

  8. Albert Charles COE 1876-1971, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1903 Victoria to Sarah Jane SKINNER 1879-1926, b. Coleraine, Victoria to John SKINNER and Annie ANSON; 2 children; d. Ouyen, Victoria.

  9. Frederick Ernest COE 1878-1946, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria.

  10. Thomas Henry COE 1880-1958, b. Coleraine, Victoria; d. Coleraine, Victoria; m. 1911 Coleraine, Victoria to Edith Florence TOOLEY 1885-1966, b. Coleraine, Victoria to Robert TOOLEY and Mary Lydia Elizabeth MUSGRAVE 1886-1966, b. Coleraine, Victoria; 4 children; d. Coleraine, Victoria.