Angus MARTIN, b. ca 1804, ___, Scotland son of ____ and ____ was married in ___ at ___, Scotland to Margaret McLEOD, b. 1807 Isle of Skye, Scotland, daughter of Angus McLEOD and Ann ____.

This couple appears to be the parents of Margaret MARTIN who married James DOUGHENEY in 1856 at Wando Vale in south-west Victoria.

Angus & Margaret MARTIN appear to have had a number of children near Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland before emigrating in 1854 on the "Arabian" to Portland, Victoria under the Highland & Island Emigration Scheme. The family group arriving on the "Arabian" were MARTIN, Angus (41), Margaret (39), Margaret (19), Archibald (13), Angus (8), & George (7).

Angus MARTIN appears to have died in ___, Victoria in 1864 and his wife Margaret died in Victoria in 1859.

Angus MARTIN & Archibald MARTIN are named as landowners of adjoining allotments north east of Carapook in the Parish of Bruk Bruk in the 1860s. Their land joins the allotment of J DOUGHENEY which indicates that Angus (1845-1905) and Archibald MARTIN (1841-1897) were likely to be the brothers of Margaret MARTIN (1835-1921), wife of James DOUGHENEY (1832-1875) from Carapook. The brothers Angus & Archibald both died in NSW.

Angus MARTIN & Margaret McLEOD had the following known family:

  1. Margaret MARTIN b. 1835, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Sct, m. James DOUGHENEY,
  2. Norman MARTIN b. 1840, Barony, Lanarkshire, Sct, [not on "Arabian" in 1854],
  3. Archibald MARTIN b. 1841, Barony, Lanarkshire, Sct, d. 1897, Parramatta, NSW.
  4. Christina MARTIN b. 1844, Barony, Lanarkshire, Sct, [not on "Arabian" in 1854],
  5. Flora MARTIN b. 1844, Barony, Lanarkshire, Sct, [not on "Arabian" in 1844],
  6. Angus MARTIN b. 1845, Barony, Lanarkshire, Sct, m. Annie RENFREW, [family at Dimboola, Vic and Wallsend, NSW]
  7. George MARTIN b. ca 1847, ___, Sct, ___? [arrived on "Arabian" in 1854],