James DOUGHENEY 1832-1875, b. Co Kilkenny, Ireland, son of John DOUGHENEY and Catherine FARRELL, brother of John DOUGHENY, became a farmer of Bruk Bruk (Carapook), S-W Victoria, Australia, with 3 school-aged children and shown as living 1 miles NE of Carapook was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook. James was married in 1856 at Wando Vale to Margaret MARTIN, b. 1835 Glasgow, Scotland. James died in 1875 and is buried in the Coleraine cemetery.

James & Margaret DOUGHENEY had the following family :

  1. John DOUGHENEY b. 1858, Muntham, Vic d. 1875
  2. Bessie DOUGHENEY b. 1861, Carapook, Vic m. Thomas HAYES
  3. James DOUGHENEY b. 1862, Muntham, Vic mar. Sarah Ann DALTON who had a family of 11 children. Sarah DALTON's father Joseph Piercy DALTON, b. 1825 Barwell, Leicestershire, died at Carapook in 1909. He was recorded as a Sunday School Superintendent at Carapook from 1902-1909. It would appear that Joseph's wife had died at Beechworth in 1895 and he has come to live with his daughter at Carapook.
  4. Charles DOUGHENEY b. 1864, Bruk Bruk, mar. Miriam McCALLUM, lived at Digby, Vic.
  5. Angus Patrick DOUGHENEY b. 1868, Casterton, Vic d. 1930 Horsham
  6. Archibald Richard DOUGHENEY b. 1871, Bruk Bruk, Vic d. 1875