William BYRNE 1859-1920, b. Ballarat, Australia to Michael BYRNE and Theresa THOMPSON; d. Ballarat, Victoria; married in 1883 at Smythesdale, Victoria to Winifred Mary FEELY 1863-1930, b. Scarsdale, Victoria, to James FEELY and Winifred HAYDEN; died Snake Valley (near Carngham), Victoria; 13 children. William and Winifred BYRNE are both buried in the Smythesdale Cemetery, SW of Ballarat, Victoria.

In 1913 William BYRNE and family were recorded as living at "Blackwood Farm", Bella Vista-road, Carapook, near Casterton. This places them as one of the families operating the model dairy farms (article in "The Pastoralist Magazine", December 1912) established by Norman & Jack McDONALD of "Bella Vista" Carapook. In 1916 they moved to "Bonnie View" Retreat-road, Casterton, Victoria and by 1918 they had moved to Haddon (W of Ballarat), Victoria.

William BYRNE & Winifred FEELY had the following known family:

  1. Eliza Margaret BYRNE 1884-1962, b. Sago Hill (Haddon), Victoria; d. 1962 Victoria; m. 1913 to John James BAILEY 1885-1919, b. Wattle Flat, Victoria to Abraham BAILEY and Bridget MULLIGAN; d. Melbourne, Victoria. (4 children).
  2. Mary Ellen "Mollie" BYRNE 1886-1958, b. Sago Hill (Haddon), Victoria; d. Port__, m. 1913 Casterton, Victoria to John Thomas RYAN 1885-1964, b. Balmoral, Victoria to Patrick John RYAN and Mary Josephine O'BRIEN; d. Melbourne, Victoria. (4? children)
  3. Winifred Crisentia "Winnie" BYRNE 1887-1977, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Ballarat, Victoria; m. 1918 Casterton, Victoria to Ronald John McDONNELL 1875-1936, b. Harrow, Victoria to Thomas McDONNELL and Julia HOURIGAN; d. Melbourne, Victoria.
  4. William Joseph BYRNE 1888-1957, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Walkerston, Queensland; m. 1916 Melbourne, Victoria to Mary Beatrrice MAGUIRE 1885-1968, b. Albury, NSW to Cornelius MAGUIRE and Catherine Maria COYNE; d. Melbourne, Victoria. (4 children; separated in 1920s)
  5. Theresa Magdalene "Tessie" BYRNE 1890-1942, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1918 Casterton, Victoria to James Patrick MURRAY 1879-1946, b. Edenhope, Victoria to Thomas Joseph MURRAY and Elizabeth Ann THOMPSON; d. Dunrobin (Casterton), Victoria. 8 children.
  6. Elsie Gertrude "Gertie" BYRNE 1892-1952, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1915 Casterton, Victoria to Walter John O'CONNELL 1883-1961, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria. 1? child.
  7. Thomas Patrick BYRNE 1893-1966, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Balmoral, Victoria; m. 1921 Casterton, Victoria to Mary Veronica GILBO 1892-1962, b. Casterton, Victoria to William Thomas GILBO and Bridget Dolphin "Bedelia" O'CONNELL; d. Hamilton, Victoria. ? children.
  8. Anne Elizabeth BYRNE 1895-1982, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Ballarat, Victoria; m. 1927 to Patrick James DOOLEY 1879-1944, b. Ballangeich, Victoria to Thomas DOOLEY and Catherine BOLGER; d. Ballarat, Victoria. ? children.
  9. Julia Alphonsus BYRNE 1897-1975, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1922 to Patrick Joseph HACKETT 1886-1967, b. Rocky Lead, Victoria to Patrick HACKETT and Catherine HANLEY; d. Melbourne, Victoria. ? children.
  10. Rose Agatha BYRNE 1898-1981, b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Ballarat, Victoia; m. 1925 to James Laurence STEVENSON 1896-..?.., b. Carngham, Victoria to Laurence STEVENSON and Alice GREENBANK; d. ..?..
  11. Aileen Bridget BYRNE 1901-1928 b. Haddon, Victoria; d. Upper Hawthorn, Victoria. [Sister Mary Kostka of the Sisters of St. Joseph.]
  12. James Bryan BYRNE 1903-1948, b. Haddon, Victoria; Police Officer; Storekeeper of Axedale; d. Axedale, Victoria; m. 1927 Smythesdale, Victoria to Ellen Rebecca TUDDENHAM 1900-1998, b. Ross Creek, Victoria to John TUDDENHAM and Winifred KENNEDY; d. Axedale, Victoria. 6 children.
  13. John BYRNE 1906-1906 b. and d. Haddon, Victoria.