John GILBO c.1835-1895, b. Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim, Ireland, son of William GILBO & ...?... married, 1854 Co Leitrim, Ireland to Bridget GILCHRIST c.1837-1903, b. Drumshanbo, Co Leitrim, Ireland, daughter of Bryan GILCHRIST & ...?....

John & Bridget GILBO emigrated to Australia in 1856 and arrived on the emigrant ship "General Hewett" at Portland, Victoria in Oct 1856.

By 1865 the family was farming 2 miles N-W of Carapook in the parish of Bruk Bruk, Victoria. John GILBO signed a letter dated 1 Nov 1865 from the Bruk Bruk School Committee to the Board of Education applying for aid under the Common Schools Act. In 1875 John GILBO was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook designed to replace an old School at Bruk Bruk.

1895 : John GILBO died and was buried in the Coleraine cemetery.

1900 : The GILBO family lost almost everything in the Carapook fire of 1900.

1903 : Bridget, widow of John GILBO died and was buried in the Coleraine cemetery.

John & Bridget GILBO had the following family...

  1. Mary GILBO 1857-1968, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Dunrobin, Victoria.

  2. William Thomas GILBO 1858-1936, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Casterton, Victoria; m. 1891 Victoria tp Bridget "Bedelia" Dolphin O'CONNELL 1862-1959, b. Manchester, England to Thomas O'CONNELL and Maria DOLPHIN; d. Casterton, Victoria. 6 children.

  3. John GILBO 1860-1945, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Ballarat, Victoria.

  4. James GILBO 1864-1868, b. Bruk Bruk (Carapook), Victoria, d. __, Victoria.

  5. Margaret Ann GILBO 1866-1916, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Carapook, Victoria.

  6. William GILBO 1868-..?.., b. Casterton, Victoria; d. ..?...