Patrick KILLEEN b. ~1813, Co Clare, Ireland, son of William KILLEEN and Honora COSGROVE was married in 1841, Co Clare, Ireland to Mary HICKEY, b. ~1820, Co Clare, Ireland, daughter of John HICKEY and Mary BURGESS. Patrick was a brother of John KILLEEN ~1802-1881, married to Ellen TIERNEY ~1816-1900, who are both buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Patrick KILLEEN (34), his wife Mary (35) and children Catherine (16), William (15), Patrick (12), Mary (11), James (9), Bridget (6), Michael (4), Honora (4) & Margaret (1) sailed on the ship "Victory" from Plymouth, England on 29th July 1857 and arrived at Melbourne, Colony of Victoria on 4th November 1857. Two days later they left the immigration depot bound for Belfast (now Port Fairy) on the S-W coast of Victoria. By 1862 they were settled at "Muntham" Station in the Casterton & Sandford region in the Glenelg & Wannon valleys of S-W Victoria.

Two more children, Helen (1859) and Susan (1862) were born at "Muntham" Station in the Carapook-Sandford area.

A daughter, Bridget KILLEEN, died, aged 19y at Sandford in 1869, and was buried in the Sandford cemetery.

Two of the daughters, Mary & Catherine married in Victoria in 1872 & 1875 respectively.

In 1878, son Michael KILLEEN, a brother & a sister moved north to Queensland and some other family members followed soon after. Eventually they settled at "Boxgrove," St Ruth parish, south of Dalby, Queensland as this is where the father Patrick KILLEEN held land which was dispersed to family members after he died at "Boxgrove" in 1896, aged 83y, and his wife Mary KILLEEN also died at "Boxgrove" in 1903.

Patrick KILLEEN & Mary HICKEY had the following known family:

  1. Catherine Helen KILLEEN b. ~1841, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1914, Werribee, Vic., m. Stephen VOLANT ~1855-1916.
  2. William KILLEEN b. ~1842, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1906, Casterton, Vic.
  3. Patrick KILLEEN b. ~1845, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1927, QLD.
  4. Mary Christine KILLEEN b. ~1846, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1936, Casterton, Vic. m. Donald McLENNAN ~1845-1917 (d. Western Australia)
  5. James Hickey KILLEEN b. ~1848, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1872, Casterton, Vic., m. Eliza SMITH 1849-1939 b. Norfolk, England, d. Casterton, S-W Victoria ; both buried at Sandford ; they had one child...
    1. Patrick Henry KILLEEN b. 1871, Casterton, S-W Victoria, d. 1961, Melbourne, Victoria, m. Alethea Phoebe HOLMES 1873-1961, b, Sandford, S-W Victoria, d. Melbourne, Vic., 5 children.
  6. Bridget KILLEEN b. ~1850, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1869, Sandford, Vic.
  7. Michael KILLEEN b. ~1853, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1932, "Boxgrove" Dalby, QLD, m. Elizabeth HURLEY 1855-1939, and they had 3 children.
  8. Honora Agnes KILLEEN b. ~1853, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1932, QLD, m. John COLLOPY (possible marriage in 1901, QLD)
  9. Margaret Agatha KILLEEN b. 1856, Co. Clare, Ireland, d. 1925, Sydney, NSW, m. Henry Arthur VERON ~1853-1935.
  10. Helen Anastasia KILLEEN b. 1859, "Muntham" Station, Carapook, Vic., d. 1947, Sydney, NSW.
  11. Susan Mary KILLEEN b. 1862, "Muntham" Station, Vic., Carapook, d. 1940, Sydney, NSW.

Thanks to Patrick KILLEEN, Bairnsdale, Victoria for some of the clues on the movements of his family.