John WALSH, b. ca 1834, Limerick, Ireland and son of Thomas WALSH and Margaret HEENAN was married in ___ at ___ to Johanna HAYES, b. ca 1846 ___, daughter of John HAYES and Mary TRASEY.

When John WALSH died aged 84 in 1918 he was recorded as "an old resident of Muntham" and was buried in the Coleraine Cemetery where his wife Johanna had been buried in 1904.

John WALSH appears to have had a number of siblings who also lived in the Casterton - Coleraine area.

Thomas WALSH & Margaret HEENAN had the following known family:

  1. Thomas WALSH b. ca 1828, Co Limerick, Ireland, d. 1886, Sandford, Vic.

  2. James WALSH b. ca 1831, Co Kilkenny / Limerick, Ireland, d. 1901, Casterton, Vic. James WALSH was a farmer of Carapook who was listed as a ratepayer in 1875. James had lived in South Australia for 5 years and for 36 years in Victoria.

  3. John WALSH b. ca 1834, Co Limerick, Ireland, d. 1918 "Muntham", Vic., m. Johanna HAYES ca 1846-1904 and had the following family:
    1. Margaret WALSH b. ca 1867, London, Eng, m. James KELLY
    2. Thomas WALSH b. ca 1877 ___, d. 1960 Casterton
    3. Bridget Theresa WALSH b. ca 1880 ___, d. 1954 Ballarat, Vic
    4. Catherine Agnes WALSH b. ca 1885 ___, d. 1965, Casterton, Vic
    5. Jane WALSH b. 1888, Sandford, Vic ____
    6. John Joseph WALSH b. ca 1890 ___, d. 1962, Casterton, Vic
    7. Jane Monica WALSH b. ca 1897 ___, d. 1964, Ballarat, Vic

  4. Michael WALSH b. ca 1836, Co Limerick, Ireland, d. 1922, Casterton, Vic.