William Pooley TREVASKIS, b. 1827, Corwall, England son of William TREVASKIS and Mary POOLEY was married in 1848 in Adelaide, South Australia to Julia FOLLETT, b. 1825 Sussex, England, dau of ____ and ____.

W. POOLEY was named as landowner north of Carapook in the Parish of Bruk Bruk in the 1860s. This person has not been identified as yet in the district. This entry was probably an an error and it should have been William Pooley TREVASKIS who was a landowner in the parish of Bruk Bruk, north of Carapook.

William TREVASKIS was an original Glenelg District Roads Board member 1863-1865 which held its first meeting on December 2nd, 1863. Others present at this meeting were George CARMICHAEL, Francis HENTY, Maurice CUSSEN, Owen O'REILLY, & William TREVASKIS. The Roads Board was proclaimed the Shire of Glenelg on 29th June, 1864. Meetings were held at the original Coumcil Chambers at Sandford 1864-1866 and from then in Casterton where a new Council building was opened in 1868.

William TREVASKIS & Julia FOLLETT had the following known family:

  1. Julia Ann TREVASKIS b. 1849, d. 1849, South Australia,
  2. William Henry TREVASKIS b. 1850, South Australia,
  3. TREVASKISGeorge Frederick b. 1851, d. 1853, South Australia,
  4. John Algenon TREVASKIS b. 1853, South Australia,
  5. Robert James TREVASKIS b. 1856, South Australia, m. Elizabeth Roberts RICHARDS
  6. Mary Ellen TREVASKIS b. 1857, South Australia, m. William Lay SMITH
  7. Lavinia Emily TREVASKIS b. 1859, South Australia, m. Robert James MAKEPEACE
  8. Frances Ann TREVASKIS b. 1861, Mt Gambier, South Australia, m. John McGILLIVRAY
  9. Adeline Lucy TREVASKIS b. 1863, Carapook, Vic, d. 1912
  10. Alice TREVASKIS b. 1864, Carapook, Vic, m. Claus Edward GORWELL
  11. Rosina TREVASKIS b. 1866, Carapook, Vic, m. William John CHERRINGTON
  12. Clara Maria TREVASKIS b. 1868, Carapook, Vic, m. Henry Kinell SWANN