Wilhelm Johann Joachim SCHULZ (1811-1974), died after a horse and cart accident at Carapook in December 1874. Johann SHULZ was married to Catrina BUNGE and the carapook Parish map indicates they had land in a very hilly part of Carapook south of Muntham homestead which could explain the cart accident. The inquest into his death privided the following information:

[ Johann J. SCHULZ died on 18-Dec-1874. Coroner, Albert Sprigg at Inquest No 1129 heard evidence at Carapook on the 19th. ]

Statement to the Coroner by the Senior Constable at Casterton Police Station on the 18th of December 1874.- "Sir, I have the honour to state for your information that Johann Schulz was accidentally killed this afternoon by the upsetting of a cart that deceased was driving at Carapook."

First deponent, John Hyland, on his oath said.- "I am a farm labourer, I was sitting down getting afternoon lunch yesterday afternoon when we saw a horse and cart galloping down hill. We were too far off to see if the driver was trying to pull up. The cart seemed to strike the fence and turn over. We ran down then as fast as we could, we found the man's head under the horse's shoulder. We lifted the horse and got him out. He was alive, breathing but could not stir and died in a few minutes."

Second deponent, William Stokes, on his oath said.- "I am a labourer working on a farm next door to Mr. Schulz. About 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon I was having something to eat. I saw deceased coming down hill with a horse and cart, deceased was sitting on some hay in the cart. At the top of the hill the horse started into a trot, but before he got to the bottom the horse was galloping. The cart struck against the posts of the fence and the cart turned onto one side, one wheel being up in the air. I and my mate John Hyland ran across. We found deceased lying with his head and arms under the horse's shoulder. We lifted the horse and got him out. Deceased was bleeding from his mouth and nose. He breathed for about 10 minutes, but did not speak, nor could he move. I do not think he breathed more than ten minutes after we got him out. I stayed with deceased and sent across for deceased's sons. Deceased had the reins in his hand pulling as he went down the hill and I could heat him calling the horse to stop."

Third deponent, Carl Heinrich Frederich Wilhelm Schulz, farmer of Carapook, on his oath said.- "I am son of deceased. Deceased was living with me and did any odd jobs about the farm that he had strength for. Yesterday December 18th, deceased brought out lunch for the men in the cart and started to go home about 4 o'clock taking some hay in the cart. The horse was quiet, my brother has had him 12 months, my father had driven the same track before. He had brought us dinner that day, but not with the same horse. I do not think he had ever driven this horse before but he complained of the horse he was using sticking him up so we gave him another. About half an hour after my Father started for home a man came and said that the cart was upset and my Father thrown out. I went across at once, deceased was quite dead when I got to him. It was about half a mile from my work to where the accident was. My mother lives with me, I have four brothers living in Victoria. My Father came from Hanover some twenty years ago to South Australia. He has lived in Victoria 14 years."
Verdict.- "Johann Joachim Schulz was accidentally killed by the upsetting of a cart he was driving on the 18th of December 1874 at Carapook."
Carl SCHULZ (son of Johann) paid rates in 1875 on a Carapook property valued at 39 in 1874.
Frederick SCHULZ (son of Johann) paid rates in 1875 on a Bruk Bruk property valued at 30. Johann and Catrina appear to have the following family -

Children :

  1. Heinrich SCHULZ abt 1838 Germany, d. Germany
  2. Johann Heinrich SCHULZ b. 1840, Germany d. 1924, Murtoa, Vic; m. Johanne Caroline KRANZ.
  3. Carl Heinrich SCHULZ b. 1842, Germany, d. 1911, Warracknabeal, Vic m Maria Elizabeth LIEBE.
  4. Dorothea SCHULZ abt 1843 Germany, d. Germany
  5. Friedrich Heinrich SCHULZ b. 1848, Germany, d. 1933 Murtoa, Vic, mar. Maria KRANZ.
  6. Christina SCHULZ abt 1850, Germany, d. Germany
  7. Wilhelm SCHULZ abt 1852, Germany, d. Germany
  8. Heinrich Adolph SCHULZ b. abt 1854, Germany, d. 1943 Murtoa, Vic, m. Johanna Ernestine SCHULZ
  9. August Hermann SCHULZ, b. 1856 Strathalbyn, SA, m. Anna Louisa SCHULZ