John Richard POPE, b. abt.1820, ____ son of ____ and ____ was married in 1846 at St James, Melbourne, Victoria to Jane MORGAN, b. abt.1820 _______, daughter of ____ and ____.

This couple had a child at "Muntham Station" near Carapook in 1852.

John Richard POPE & Jane MORGAN had the following known family:

  1. William John POPE b. 1848, Melbourne, Vic, ...........
  2. John Richard POPE b. 1850, Melbourne, Vic, d.1851.
  3. William POPE b. 1852, "Muntham Station", Carapook, Vic, d.1897, m...........
  4. John POPE b. 1854, Melbourne, Vic, d., m. 1875, Emma Maria LILLEY.
  5. Henry POPE b. 1857, Raglan (nr Ballarat), Vic, d.1912.