Donald McRAE 1843-1914, b. Urquhart, Inverness-shire, Scotland to Donald McRAE and Janet McRAE; d. Natimuk, Victoria, Australia; married in 1865 Victoria to Mary McLACHLAN c.1834-1926, b. Corpach, near Fort William, Inverness-shire, Scotland to Donald Lewis McLACHLAN and Ann McDONALD; d. Natimuk, Victoria, Australia.

Donald McRAE arrived in 1852 on the "John Davies" at with his family at Portland, Victoria, aged 9y and Mary McLACLAN arrived in 1854 on the "Utopia" at with her family at Portland, Victoria, aged 16y.

Donald McRAE had a farm at "Muntham" (1866-1872) in partnership with his brother-in-law Alexander McLACHLAN before moving north and selecting land in the Tooan and Natimuk area of Western Victoria.

West Wimmera Mail, January 16, 1914
Mr. Donald McRAE
On Monday last, at about midday, Mr. Donald McRAE, one of the most widely known, and certainly one of the most highly respected residents of the West Wimmera, died at the age of 72. Some four or five months ago the deceased gentleman was thrown from his gig and the fall apparently affected his heart, for though he had the very best medical attention, he gradually became weaker. He, however, was a man of great pluck, and it was not until his failing strength compelled him that he took to bed, his last appearance in public was on New Year's Day, when he visited the Tooan Sports for an hour or two. Next morning he was brought into Nurse JONE'S Private Hospital, but the call had come, and he passed to the Great Beyond 10 days later. He was a man of commanding physique, a fine type of Scot in every way, and his demise is deeply regretted amongst a wide circle of friends and acquaintances.

Leaving Inverness where he was born in 1842, with his parents, when he was about 10 years of age, he came to Australia, landing at Portland. Up till 1865 he was employed on station work, after which time he and his brother-in-law (Mr. Alex McLACHLAN), became partners in a farm at Muntham near Hamilton. Not meeting with much success, they, in 1872, went to the Arapiles district and selected 320 acres each. After the dissolution of this partnership 7 years later he became a larger land holder acquiring over 1000 acres at Tooan, and of late years he was very successful as a wheat grower and grazier. A judge of stock, particularly of sheep; his views were always looked up to. From the inception of the Horsham Caledonian Society the deceased was a member and worthily filled the position of Chief.

A sorrowing wife and five children are left the mourn the loss of a devoted father. They are: Messrs. Donald (licensee of the Criterion Hotel, Horsham). John (Natimuk), Lachlan (Tooan), Mrs. LIGHT, (Noradjuha), and Mrs. SCOTT (Noradjuha). Another son (Robert) died some time ago. Brothers and sisters of the deceased are Messrs. Kenneth and Robert McRAE, of Clear Lake, Mrs. CAMERON, of Connangorach, and Mrs. McLACHLAN of Tooan. The funeral on Tuesday was very largely attended, close on 50 buggy loads of mourners, beside horsemen, joining in the procession to the Natimuk cemetery. Mr. T. W. HOLMES, of the Presbyterian Church conducted the burial service impressively.

Donald McRAE & Mary McLACHLAN had the following known family:

  1. Jessie Ann McRAE 1866-1919, b. Muntham, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1888 to Reuban LIGHT 1859-1952, b. Warrnambool, Victoria to Thomas LIGHT and Ann McCREDDEN; d. Ballarat, Victoria.
  2. Donald Lewis McRAE 1869-1937, b. Muntham, Victpria; d. Buninyong, Victoria; m. 1894 to Catherine Sarah JACKMAN 1870-1955, b. Warrnambool, Victoria to William JACKMAN and Hariet Elizabeth TATE; d. Buninyong, Victoria.
  3. Lilian McRAE 1871-1882, b. Muntham, Victoria; d. Natimuk, Victoria.
  4. Lachlan Hugh McRAE 1875-1935, b. Tooan, Victoria; d. Natimuk, Victoria; m.1 1912 to Rosa Ann Louise SANDFORD 1882-1915, b. Melbourne, Victoria to Robert William SANDFORD and Amy Elizabeth CRAVINE; d. Natimuk, Victoria; m.2 1923 to Ida Ellen COOK 1889-1964, b. Noradjuha, Victoria to George Henry COOK and Fanny Ellen COZENS; d. Horsham, Victoria.
  5. Robert Alexander McRAE 1873-1907, b. Muntham, Victoria; of Horsham; d. Nhill, Victoria; m. 1903 to Ellen Teresa "Nellie" BUTLER 1884-1948, b. Sebastopol, Victoria to Martin BUTLER and Mary WHELAN, d. Bairnsdale, Victoria.
  6. Christiana Catherine McRAE 1876-1967, b. Natimuk, Victoria; d. Horsham, Victoria; m. 1904 to William SCOTT 1873-1962, b. Kirkstall, Victoria to William SCOTT and Mary Johnson McINTYRE; d. Horsham, Victoria.
  7. John Cumming McRAE 1878-1935, b. Horsham, Victoria; d. Horsham, Victoria; m. 1912 to Gertrude Louisa JONES 1880-1964, b. Horsham, Victoria to Frederick Augustus JONES and Kate PERCY; d. Melbourne, Victoria.