David McFADYEN, b. ca 1832, Scotland son of David McFADYEN and Mary McKINNON was married in 1855 at Ballarat, Victoria to Catherine Mary McKAY, b. ca 1829 Dumbarton, Scotland, dau of David McKAY and Lily DAVIES.

Catheribe McKAY arrived at Portland in 1852 on the "Dominion" along woth members of the McFADYEN family. She was apparently employed as a governess at "Muntham" Station to the HENTY family before marrying David McFADYEN in Ballarat in 1855.

David McFADYEN & Catherine Mary McKAY had the following known family:

  1. Duncan McFADYEN b. 1856, Magpie (Ballarat), Vic,
  2. David Kay McFADYEN b. 1858, Ballarat, Vic, m. Elizabeth McGOWAN
  3. Neil McFADYEN b. 1859, Glendarule, Vic, m. Abigail Bertha ROBERTS
  4. James McFADYEN b. 1861, Smeaton, Vic, m. Mary Eliza MULLER
  5. Lily McFADYEN b. 1864, Smeaton, Vic, m. Stephen WHINFIELD
  6. Archibald McFADYEN b. 1865, d. 1866, Smeaton, Vic,
  7. William Archibald McFADYEN b. 1867, Smeaton, Vic, m. Louisa Leonora ROBERTS
  8. Gillespie Fraser McFADYEN b. 1869, Kingston, Vic, m. Jessie MacKIE LEITCH
  9. Margaret Love/Lowe McFADYEN b. 1871, Kingston, Vic, m. ___ WHINFIELD