James McEWAN, b. 1834, Co Down, Ireland son of Michael McEWAN and Catherine TAYLOR was married in 1856 in Co Down, Ireland to Ann SMALL, b. c1835 Co Down, Ireland, dau of William SMALL and Sarah WALL.

James McEWAN was recorded as a shepherd on "Muntham" Station, a shoemaker at "Muntham" and a "free settler" on Satimer or Brimboal (Wando Vale). He was killed in farming accident when clearing land on his "Satimer" farm in 1870 leaving a wife and 8 children.

James McEWAN & Ann SMALL had the following family:

  1. William McEWAN b. 1857, "at sea" Portland, Vic, m. Mary Ann O'BRIEN 1868-1899 and had the following family...
    1. Mary Maud McEWAN, b. 1890, Edenhope, Vic, d. 1966, m. Edward Stephen STEWART 1893-1968
    2. Margaret Ann McEWAN, b. 1892, Edenhope, Voc, ..............?
    3. James McEWAN, b. 1894, Edenhope, Vic. d. 1924, Melbourne, Vic.
      • Oct 1916, labourer, single, aged 22y of Casterton, Vic
      • 6 Oct 1916 enlisted in AIF at Melbourne
      • 20 Oct 1916, embarked as Pte 7036, 7th Battalion, AIF, per "Hororata" frpm Melbourne
      • 28 May 1917, Pte 7036, 7th Battalion, AIF, arrived France
      • 29 Aug 1919, Pte 7036, 7th Battalion, AIF, discharged Melbourne
      • Jan 1922, admitted to mental hospital in Perth, WA
      • Oct 1923, inmate of mental hospital in Melbourne, died 1924
    4. William John "Billy" McEWAN, b. 1896, Edenhope, Vic, d. 1969, Casterton, Vic, m. Amelia Martha "Millie" DAVIES 1900-1973
  2. Mary Jane McEWAN b. 1858, "Muntham Station", Vic, m. Walter OLIVER
  3. Michael McEWAN b. 1861, Casterton, Vic, d. 1880
  4. James McEWAN b. 1863, "Muntham" Station, Vic, d. 1875

  5. Edward Francis McEWAN b. 1864, "Muntham" Station, Vic, m. Elizabeth Ellen CRIMMINS (moved to NSW)
  6. Sarah Ann McEWAN b. 1866, "Muntham" Station, Vic, m. Thomas O'BRIEN
  7. Agnes Mary McEWAN b. 1868, Edenhope, Vic, m. James Henry READER
  8. Francis James McEWAN b. 1870, Coleraine, Vic, d. ............?
    • Sep 1914, labourer, single, aged 37y of Neuarpurr, nr Apsley, Vic
    • Enlisted in WW1 at Adelaide on 5 Sep 1914
    • Pte 609, 12th Battalion, 1st AIF, landed Gallipoli
    • Pte 609, 12th Battalion, 1st AIF, wounded, France 12 Dec 1916
    • 8 Apr 1917 RTA for discharge
    • 14 July 1917 discharged, Adelaide, SA
    • named on Casterton Town Hall Honour Roll
    • After WW1 .......?????

Ann SMALL remarried at Brimboal (Wando Vale) in 1875 after the death of her husband James McEWAN in 1870. She was married in 1875 to Francis RAYMOND, a widower, born, New York, USA, son of Tobias RAYMOND and Ann DOHERTY.

Francis RAYMOND was reported to have attempted to grow rice on "Steep Bank" Station on the Glenelg River north of Casterton.

Ann RAYMOND (nee SMALL) died in Mt Gambier, South Australia in 1893.

Francis RAYMOND & Ann SMALL had one known child:

  1. Joseph Patrick RAYMOND b. 1877, Chetwynd, Vic, .......?