John McCREDDEN, b. c1833, Hughderry, Ireland son of John McCREDDEN and Mary WOODS was married in 1858 at Greenfield, Victoria to Margaret McCLURE, b. 1841 at sea "Argyle", daughter of John Scott McCLURE and Jean McCORD.

Margaret was a sister of James McCLURE who also lived at "Muntham" Station.

John and Margaret McCREDDEN had at a number of children near Warrnambool, before having more at at "Muntham" Station in the 1870s after which they moved north to the Natimuk area in Western Victoria.

John McCREDDEN and Margaret McCLURE had the following known family:

  1. John McCREDDEN b. 1859, Wangoom, Vic, m. Louisa Matilda LAIRD
  2. Jane Eliza McCREDDEN b. 1861, Allansford, Vic, m. Benjamin COOK
  3. Mary McCREDDEN b. 1863, Allandford, Vic, m. Adolph SCHMIDT
  4. Matthew McCREDDEN b. 1864, Mepunga, Vic, ___?
  5. Ann McCREDDEN b. 1868, Allansford, Vic, m. ___ MILES
  6. Catherine McCREDDEN b. 1871, "Muntham" Station, Vic, m. August Theodore SEIPOLT
  7. Margaret McCREDDEN b. 1873, Casterton, Vic,
  8. Lillian McCREDDEN b. c1876, ___, Vic, m. ___ JEMMESON
  9. David McCREDDEN b. 1878, Natimuk, Vic, m. Catherine Adams SARTORI
  10. Ethel Maud McCREDDEN b. 1880, Natimuk, Vic, m. Frederick August OEHM
  11. Leila Wilton McCREDDEN b. 1883, Natimuk, Vic, m. ___ SIMMONS
  12. Gertrude May McCREDDEN b. 1885, Wimmera, Vic, m. Herbert Frederick JEMMESON