Charles McArthur KING, Station Manager of Muntham, not marked on map but was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook. Charles, born Greenwich, England in 1825 was a son of Admiral Philip Parker KING and Harriet LETHBRIDGE. He later became the Police Magistrate at Bourke and Chief Magistrate of Norfolk Island, South Pacific.
His house from "Muntham" Station was moved to Coleraine, S-W Victoria and was still in use in 1999.

Spouse : Jane Passmore WILSON (1831-1888), b. Chatham, Kent, England, d. Bourke, NSW.

Children :

  1. Philip Parker KING b. 1856, Sale, Victoria
  2. Frank Wilson KING b. 1858, ....
  3. Mary Christian KING b. 1860, ....
  4. Essington George KING b. 1862, "Muntham" Station (Carapook), S-W Victoria
  5. Euston Corynder KING b. 1864, "Muntham" Station (Carapook), S-W Victoria
  6. Herman Sam KING b. 1866, "Muntham" Station (Carapook), S-W Victoria
  7. Maynard Zouch KING b. 1870, "Muntham" Station (Carapook), S-W Victoria, d. 1922, Melbourne, Victoria, m. Esther MOORE c. 1864-1938
  8. Harriet Sybelle KING b. 1871, "Muntham" Station (Carapook), S-W Victoria, d. 1955 Norfolk Island, South Pacific, m. Benjamin Brancker NOBBS 1877-1937, b. Norfolk Island, d. Norfolk Island