Alexander William JACKSON, b. 1822, Foulmouth, Cornwall, England son of Alexander JACKSON & Sarah PASCOE was married in 1856 at "Muntham" Station (Casterton-Coleraine), Victoria, Australia to Margaret RIORDAN / REARDAN, b. 1831 Cornwall, England, daughter of William RIORDAN / REARDAN & Margaret COUGHLIN.

Alexander William JACKSON was a 37 year old labourer at the time of his marriage in 1856. When and where did he arrive in Australia?

Margaret RIORDAN / REARDAN emigrated from England in 1854 on the 'Violet' and was listed as a "Housekeeper" age 25y when she married in 1856.

Alexander and Margaret JACKSON moved to Queenscliff, Victoria where Alexander became a fisherman until his accidental death in 1879. Margaret died at Queenscliff in 1899.

Alexander William JACKSON & Margaret RIORDAN / REARDON had the following known family:

  1. Ellen "Nellie" JACKSON b. 1859, Melbourne, Victoria, d. 1892, Port Melbourne, m. William Elias SMITH 1856-1911.

  2. William Alexander JACKSON b. 1862, Melbourne, Victoria, d. 1946, Geelong, Victoria, m. Isabella Jane SMITH 1867-1905 (sister of William Elias SMITH).

  3. Sarah Adelaide JACKSON b. 1866, Queenscliff, Victoria, d. 1948, Melbourne, m. Craddock EVANS 1872-1921.