Patrick HYLAND, b. c.1821, Co Tipperary, Ireland son of William HYLAND & Mary NEIL was married c.1841 in Co Kilkenny, Ireland to Elizabeth DARCY, b. c.1809, Ireland, dau of _____ and ____.

Patrick & Elizabeth HYLAND arrived in the Colony of Port Philip on the "Forth" in Sep 1841 and in 1843 was working as a shepherd for George WINTER at Tahara, near Merino.

Patrick was employed as the Overseer of "Hilgay Station", near Coleraine for about the next 10 years. During this time three children were born.

In ~1851 Patrick was engaged as Overseer by Edward HENTY for his "Muntham" Station near Carapook.

In 1859 Patrick purchased the Sandford Hotel, held it for a short time and transferred it to Charles GRINHAM in Dec. 1859.

Patrick was living at Tarrington, near Hamilton when he died in 1884 and was buried in the Hamilton Cemetery. His widow Elizabeth died in 1892 at Macarthur and was also buried in the Hamilton Cemetery.

Patrick HYLAND's Obituary "Hamilton Spectator"

"Death of an Old Colonist - Our Obituary includes a notice of the decease of Mr Patrick Hyland of Tarrington, at the age of 61 years. The deceased was a very old colonist as he arrived among the first batch of free emigrants landed at Portland in the year 1841. He was engaged by the late Hon. S. G. Henty on behalf of Mr Arthur Pillen [sic] of the Hilgay station, where he remained for about ten years. After this Mr Hyland was employed by the late Mr E. Henty as overseer at Muntham, and he has ever since remained in the employ of the Henty family. Mr Patrick Hyland was well-known as a first class manager and excellent judge of stock. Years ago, when there were 50,000 scabby sheep on Muntham, Mr Hyland had the stock cleared within twelve months, although at the time there was so much difficulty in getting rid of the pest, that the Government inspectors were ordering the destruction of the flocks as the only means of stamping out the disorder. Mr Hyland has left a grown up family of one son and two daughters, all of whom are married and have families of their own, and he also leaves a widow, who in her affliction, has the sympathy of a large circle of friends."

Patrick HYLAND & Elizabeth DARCY had the following family...

  1. Bridget Josephine HYLAND b. 1847, Koroite Station, Coleraine, Vic, m. 1869, Matthew CLARKE (chn at Penola, South Australia)
    1. Matthew John Joseph CLARKE, b. 1871, Penola, South Australia, d. 1915, Adelaide, SA
    2. Patrick William CLARKE, b. 1873, d. 1874, Penola, South Australia
    3. Catherine Elizabeth CLARKE, b. 1875, Penola, South Australia, d. 1952, m. Oliver James FIDGE 1878-1917
    4. Mary Adelaide "May" CLARKE, b. 1877, Penola, South Australia, d. 1902, Adelaide, SA
    5. Agnes Matilda CLARKE, b. 1879, Penola, South Australia, d. 1957, Fern___, Vic.
    6. Cecily Teresa Margaret CLARKE, b. 1880, Penola, South Australia, d. 1932, Adelaide, SA, m1. 1912, Adelaide, SA to Charles Joseph LAING c1885-1913, m2. 1918, Adelaide, SA to widower Thomas DONOHOE b. Formoyle (nr Ennistymon) Co Clare, Ireland.
    7. Maude Alice CLARKE, b. 1880, Penola, South Australia, d. 1935, Sydney, NSW, m. 1907, Ronald William Earle HENDERSON 1882-1957

  2. William Francis Paul HYLAND b. abt, 1850, Coleraine District, Vic, d. 1917, Deniliquin, NSW m. 1874, Clara MURRAY (chn at Balmoral, Vic.) b. 1853 "Muntham Station", d. ............?
    1. daughter HYLAND, b. 1876, Moutajup, Dunkeld, Vic, .......?
    2. Mary Margaret HYLAND, b. 1879, Balmoral, Vic, d. 1959, Hamilton, Vic.
    3. Bridget Maud HYLAND, b. 1881, Balmoral, Vic, ............?
    4. William Patrick HYLAND, b. 1883, Balmoral, Vic, d. 1898, Horsham, Vic.

  3. Mary Agnes (Kinsy ?) HYLAND b. abt.1850, "Hilgay Station", near Coleraine, Vic, m. 1880, William P FANNING. b. Co Tipperay, Ireland of Tarrington (chn at Hamilton and Bessiebelle, Vic.) and ....
    1. Margaret Bridget FANNING, b. 1881, Hamilton, Vic, ........?
    2. Mary Ellen FANNING, b. 1882, Hamilton, Vic, ...........?
    3. Joseph FANNING, b. 1884, Broadwater, Vic, d. 1895, Port fairy, Vic.