William HOBBS, b. 1826, Hertfordshire, England son of Matthew HOBBS and Ann GREGORY was married in 1844 in Hertfordshire, England to Emily GEARY, b. 1826 Hertfordshire, England, daughter of William GEARY and Martha NEALE.

William HOBBS, his wife and three children arrived at Adelaide, South Australia in 1849. He tried goldming in Victoria and farming in South Australia before deciding to move the western districts of Victoria around 1870.

William HOBBS settled and worked at "Muntham" Station for a few years before moving north the the Harrow area of Western Victoria. His wife died there in 1898 and he died at the age of 87 years in 1913. They are both buried n the Harrow cemetery.

William HOBBS & Emily GEARY had the following known family:

  1. Mary HOBBS b. 1845, HRT, Eng, m1. Robert McPHERSON, m2. James George EDWARDS

  2. George William HOBBS b. 1847, HRT, Eng, m. Eliza Ann BROOKSBY in South Australia and they had a large family in south-west Victoria including one child born at "Muntham".
    1. Eliza Ann HOBBS b. 1869, Nairne, SA, m. James Henry EDMONDS
    2. Zebudah Alice HOBBS b. 1870, Nairne, SA, m. John McDONALD
    3. George Wilby HOBBS b. 1872, "Muntham" Station, Vic, m. Margaret JOHNS
    4. Arthur Walter HOBBS b. 1874, Harrow, Vic, m. Emma FLACK
    5. Albert HOBBS b. 1875, Harrow, Vic, m. Lucy LEWIS
    6. Alfred William HOBBS b. 1877, Harrow, Vic, m. Louise Ann BRENNAN
    7. Josiah HOBBS b. 1879, Harrow, Vic, m. Elizabeth Victoria WHITEHEAD
    8. Emma HOBBS b. 1881, Harrow, Vic, m. Colin Donald CAMERON
    9. Samuel Powell HOBBS b. 1883, Harrow, Vic, m. Amelia JOHNS
    10. Amelia Ethel HOBBS b. 1885, Harrow, Vic, m. John Paton SCOTT
    11. Adeline Maude HOBBS b. 1887, Harrow, Vic, m. Andrew Leonard HUTCHESSON
    12. Wesley HOBBS b. 1888, Harrow, Vic, m. Mabel GEORGE
    13. Harold Johns HOBBS b. 1890, Harrow, Vic, m. Sarah WATTS

  3. Joseph HOBBS b. 1849 at sea "Ascendant", m1. Mary Ann EDMONDS, m2 Amelia May AISBETT,

  4. Jessie Ann HOBBS b. 1852, d. 1855, South Australia

  5. Emma HOBBS b. 1854, South Australia, m. William James BROOKSBY

  6. Eliza HOBBS b. 1856, South Australia, m1. Francis NICHOLLS, m2. George Edward ADAMS

  7. William HOBBS b. 1858, South Australia, m. Caroline Elizabeth PENNY

  8. Annie HOBBS b. 1859, South Australia, m. Thomas John PENNY

  9. Charlotte HOBBS b. 1862, South Australia, m. Alfred Edwin PLUSH

  10. Jane HOBBS b. 1864, South Australia,m. Alexander David James STEWART

  11. Thomas HOBBS b. 1867, South Australia, m. Jessie Georgina DRUMMOND

  12. Amy HOBBS b. 1869, South Australia, m. James Peter McINTYRE.