James EASTWOOD 1827-1894 was b. 1827 Ovenden, Yorkshire, England, son of William EASTWOOD & Hannah THOMPSON.

Grace COOPER ~1827-1904 was b. ~1827 Yorkshire, England, daughter of ........... & ...........

James EASTWOOG was probaly married to Grace COOPER in Yorkshire, England before 1853 before the birth of their son George Henry EASTWOOD in 1853-54.

James EASTWOOD, aged 29y, his wife Grace, aged 30y, and their son George Henry EASTWOOD, aged 3y arrived at Portland Bay on the ship "British Empire" in September 1857.

The EASTWOOD family is next identified living in the parish of Bruk Bruk, Carapook, near Casterton, S-W Victoria in 1865 when James EASTWOOD signs a document from the Bruk Bruk School Committee. In the same year his son George Henry EASTWOOD, is noted as a proposed student (age 12y, 1.5 miles from School) for new school at Bruk Bruk, S-W Victoria.

James EASTWOOD & Grace COOPER had one known child...

  1. George Henry EASTWOOD 1853-1924, b. 1853-4, Yorkshire, England., d. 1924, Brighton, Melbourne, Victoria, m. in 1876 in Victoria to Ann INGLIS 1856-1942, b. 1856, Mount Torrens, SA, to Thomas Norman INGLIS and Frances MILLER.
    George Henry EASTWOOD was recorded in the Bruk Bruk School correspondence as a proposed pupil, age 12y, for the new school at Bruk Bruk in 1865. George Henry EASTWOOD later selected land at Minyip and established G.H. EASTWOOD Timber & Hardware business in the Main Street of Minyip until 1907 when he purchased "Vectis" homestead near Horsham. He later retired to Melbourne where he died in 1924 and his wife Ann (nee INGLIS) died in 1942, and are buried in the Brighton cemetery.
    George Henry EASTWOOD & Ann INGLIS had the following family...
    1. Lilian Mary EASTWOOD b. 1878, Minyip, Vic., d. 1904, Glenthompson, Victoria, m. in 1903 at Minyip, Vic., to Murray Ross HOWARD 187-1927.
    2. George William "Will" EASTWOOD b. 1879, Minyip, Vic., d. 1949, Mosman, Sydney, NEW, m. in 1904 to Laura Agnes May TAYLOR 1875-1953.
    3. Frederick James "Fred" EASTWOOD b. 1882, Minyip, Vic., d. 1970, Adelaide, SA., m. in 1911 to Ann Elizabeth "Nance" INGHAM 1886-1954.
    4. Grace EASTWOOD b. 1884, Minyip, Vic., d. 1970, Horsham, Victoria, m. in 1907 to James BARNES 1873-1939.
    5. Rose Ann EASTWOOD b. 1886, Minyip, Vic., d. ............, m. in 1911 to Murray Ross HOWARD 1870-1927.
    6. Florence Violet EASTWOOD b. 1897, Minyip, Vic., d. .........., m. in 1923 to Roy Whitcombe COUTTS 1886-1970.
    7. Eileen Mafeking EASTWOOD b. 1900, Minyip, Vic., d. 1932, Melbourne, Victoria.