William DIXON, b. ca 1839 Durham, England, a labourer of Bruk Bruk with 3 school-aged children and shown as living 2 miles NW of Carapook was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook. The following group are possibly the family of William DIXON who appear to have moved to Mt Gambier in South Asutralia in the 1870s.

Children :

  1. William Nicholas DIXON b. 1868, Warrnambool, Vic, m. Alice Amelia SAUNDERS
  2. Thomas DIXON b. 1869, Dundas, Vic, m. Annie SAUNDERS
  3. Mary Ann DIXON b. 1871, Casterton, Vic
  4. John DIXON b. 1873, Casterton, Vic
  5. Edward / Edwin DIXON b. c1877 ? m. Charlotte May JOHNSON
  6. Margaret DIXON b. 1879, Mt Gambier, SA, m. Robert Thomas PEARSON