George DAVIS 1831-1908, b. London, England, son of Samuel DAVIS and ____ was married in 1859 at the Catholic Church, Penola, South Australia to Catherine MULLEN 1830-1906, b. Co Limerick, Ireland, daughter of John MULLEN and ______.

1860-1869 : births of children were registered at Harrow (1860), Horsham (1860), "Dunrobin" Station (1863), Casterton (1865) and Dartmoor (1868 & 1869), Victoria.

1889 : According to the 1889 marriage entry for his daughter Kate, George DAVIS was employed as a labourer on "Muntham Station" at Carapook.

1903 : George and Catherine DAVIS were living in the house of their son-in-law Edward HUTCHINS at Coleraine, Victoria.

George DAVIS died in Hamilton in 1908 and Catherine DAVIS at Coleraine in 1906.

George DAVIS & Catherine MULLEN had the following known family...

  1. Henry James DAVIS 1860- ..?.., b. Harrow, Victoria, d. ...?...
  2. Samuel Henry DAVIS 1860-1883, b. Horsham, Victoria; d. ..., Victoria.
  3. Edith Elizabeth DAVIS 1863-1939, b. "Dunrobin" Station, near Casterton, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1885 to Michael David HERLIHY c.1854-1931, b. Creswick, Victoria to David HERLIHY and Margaret SCANNELL; d. Naracoorte, SA. 9 children.
  4. Mary Ann DAVIS 1865-1902, b. Casterton, Victoria; d. Hamilton, Victoria; m. 1888 to Edward HUTCHINS 1865-1933, b. Coleraine, Victoria to John HUTCHINS and Mary Ann PATCHING; d. Coleraine, Victoria. 3 children.
  5. George John DAVIS 1868-..?.., b. 1868, Dartmoor, Victoria; d. ...?...
  6. Catherine Jane "Kate" DAVIS 1869-1944, b. Dartmoor, Victoria; d. Melbourne, Victoria; m. 1889 to William HUTCHINS 1868-1942, b. Coleraine, Victoria to John HUTCHINS and Mary Ann PATCHING; d. Melbourne, Victoria. 9 children.