Michael COTTER was born c.1817, London, England, son of Patrick COTTER and Fanny FRANCIS. He was married at Branxholme, Victoria in 1860 to Catherine McINTOSH, born 1834, Isle of Skye, Scotland, daughter of Angus McINTOSH and Catherine NICHOLSON.

Catherine McINTOSH arrived at Portland in 1853 on the "New Zealander" with her parents and siblings.

Michael COTTER, a labourer of Carapook with 5 school-aged children and shown as living 1/2 mile NW of Carapook was one of the signatures to the 1875 petition aimed at establishing a new school at Carapook.

Michael COTTER died at Dunrobin, near Casterton in 1913, aged 95y and was buried in the Sandford Cemetery. According to his 1913 death certificate he had resided in Victoria for 60 years which makes his arrival circa 1853.

Catherine COTTER (nee McINTOSH) died at Casterton in 1927, aged 93y and was buried in the Sandford Cemetery.

Michael COTTER and Catherine McINTOSH had the following known family:

  1. Donald COTTER b. c1856, ___? d. 1945, Geelong, Vic (died aged 89y, son of late Michael & Katherine COTTER of Carapook, not listed in Michael's death certificate?)

  2. "Fanny" Frances McCoy COTTER 1861-1945, b. Branxholme, S-W Victoria d. 1945 m. John McKENZIE 1862-1951. John McKENZIE was born in Geelong, son of Donald McKENZIE & Rosanna BUSH. He was the station manager at "Muntham" (1880s), "Dunmore" Macarthur (1880s), "Murndal" Tahara (c.1900-c.1940). Both died in Melbourne.
    John McKENZIE & Frances McCoy "Fanny" COTTER had the following family:
    1. Rose Ann McKENZIE b. 1884, Casterton, Vic, d. 1972, m. Donald Wallace KERR 1893-1973
    2. Catherine Adeline "Kate" McKENZIE 1886-1937, b. "Dunmore" Broadwater, S-W Vic, d. NSW, m. William McKINNON .....?
    3. Jane Alexandrina "Rene" McKENZIE 1889-1950, b. "Dunmore" Broadwater, S-W Vic, d. South Melbourne, m. John Jackson TAYLOR 1885-1954
    4. Ethel Winifred McKENZIE 1893-1974, Stra___, Vic, d. Melbourne, Vic., m. Peter Archibald McDOUGALL 1887-1974
    5. William Alexander "Alex" McKENZIE 1900-1979, "Murndal" Tahara, S-W Vic, d. Portland, S-W Vic
    6. John Stanley "Stan" McKENZIE 1905-1978, b. "Murndal" Tahara, S-W Vic, d. Melbourne, Vic [WW2 service]
    7. Keith McKENZIE b. ...., d. .... [WW2 Service]

  3. Catherine COTTER b. 1862, Carapook, Victoria d. 1949 m. James SOMERVILLE 1861-1947

  4. Annie COTTER b. 1864, Branxholme, Victoria d. 1949 m. Charles Arthur LEY 1859-1943

  5. James Angus COTTER b. 1866, Branxholme, Victoria d. 1949, m. Elizabeth Jane FLOATE 1871-1934

  6. Ellen COTTER b. 1868, Branxholme, Victoria d. 1936, m. Thomas Hunt LEY 1858-1936

  7. John Archibald COTTER b. 1870, Carapook, Victoria d. 1948, m. Caroline Elizabeth McCALLUM 1870-1938

  8. William Alexander COTTER b. 1873, Carapook, Victoria d. 1888 (drowned retrieving a duck at Konongwootong Sheep Wash)

  9. Mary COTTER b. 1876, Carapook, Victoria d. 1956 m. Richard SWEETMAN 1871-1957