George Elias BUTLER, b. 1844 Thurles, Co Tipperary, Ireland, son of Dr. James BUTLER and Elizabeth PEARSE was married at Ballarat, Victoria in 1875 to Catherine Eizabeth ABBOTT b. 1850, Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land, daughter of Thomas ABBOTT and Martha Elizabeth HOLDICH.

Two children were born at Ballarat and Melbourne, but the next three were born at "Blumesbury" Muntham from 1880-1884 where George BUTLER was farming. He was a brother-in-law of Joseph Johnston Bell PEARSON 1840-1922, who was leasing "Muntham" Estate from the HENTY family at this time.

After 1884, George BUTLER and family moved to "Glengleeson" Estate near Bessiebelle, where he continued farming for many years. His wife died there in 1892 after childbirth complications.

George BUTLER remarried in Adelaide in 1893 to Eliza HIGGINS and they had one daughter born in SA and a second in Victoria. George BUTLER later died at Hamilton in 1918 and his second wife Eliza........?

George Elias BUTLER & Catherine Eizabeth ABBOTT had the following family:

  1. Emma Mary "Minnie" BUTLER b. 1876, Ballarat, Vic., d. 1892 "Glengleeson."
  2. George Lawrence BUTLER b. 1877, Prahran, Vic., d. 1959, Melbourne, Vic, m. Adelaide Maud GRANT 1878-1963.
  3. Norah Mary BUTLER b. 1880, Muntham, Vic, d. ......, m. Robert Andrew Stack KINNANE 1882-1964
  4. Helen Martha "Nellie" BUTLER b. 1881, Muntham, Vic., d. 1905, "Glengleeson."
  5. Cecil James BUTLER b. 1884, Muntham, Vic., d. ...., m. Isabel Jane POWLING 1881- ......
  6. Harold Thomas BUTLER b. 1887, "Glengleeson," d. ...., m. ..........
  7. William Harcourt BUTLER b. 1889, "Glengleeson," d. 1973, m. Ida Bertha SCHOLZ 1895- ....
  8. Male (stillborn) BUTLER b. & d. 1892, "Glengleeson."