Carl August BLUME was born in 1830 at Crossen, Brandenburg, River Oder, Prussia, son of Carl August BLUME, vigneron, and Johanne Charlotte GERLACH and the family emigrated to South Australia in 1845 and purchased land near Lobethal.

Carl August BLUME junior went to the S-E of South Australia in 1851, then gold mining at Bendigo, Victoria in the early 1850s before purchasing his first land near Mount Gambier in 1854. he also acquired land near Hamilton, Dunkeld 7 Muntham near Carapook in S-W Victoria.

He first married was married Fredericke Blondina "Emilie" KREIG at Hochkirch, near Hamilton, Victoria in 1858 and they had four children from 1859-1864

Carl August BLUME & Fredericke Blondina "Emilie" KREIG had the following family:

  1. Charles BLUME b. 1859, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1946, Queensland (large landholder in outback QLD)
  2. Edward Goddard BLUME b. 1861, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1943, QLD, m. Florence Lucy CRAVEN (large landholder in outback QLD)
  3. Emma Emily BLUME b. 1862, Mount Gambier, SA, d. ......, m. Jorgen Heinrich HANSEN ~1849- ....
  4. Johannes Leopold BLUME b. 1864, Hochkirch, Vic, d. 1873, ....., Vic.

Carl BLUME and his first wife Emilie had 4 children from 1859 to 1864, then Emilie died at Hochkirch, near Hamilton in 1867.

Carl BLUME purchased 856 acres at Carapook, which he named "Blumesbury" in 1873 and appears to have resided on this property for a number of years.

Carl BLUME remarried in 1882, to Elizabeth McNAUGHTON from Dunkeld, originally from Perthshire, Scotland. There were no children from this short marriage as Elizabeth died at Mount Gambier in 1884.

Carl BLUME's third marriage was in 1885 at Mount Gambier when he married Augusta Amelia Pauline GALLE, daughter of a local teacher. They had three daughters as follows...

Carl August BLUME & Augusta Amelia Pauline GALLE had the following family:

  1. Emma BLUME b. 1886, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1939, Glenelg, SA, m. Leslie Frederick FRAYNE.
  2. Minnie BLUME b. 1887, Mount Gambier, SA, d. 1953, Glenelg, SA, m. John Samuel PARRINGTON ~1894-1964
  3. Christina BLUME b. 1888, Mount Gambier, SA, d. ......, m. George James Ritson WALTON ~1890- ....