These pages are designed to provide basic information and to attempt to establish contact with others researching families associated with the rural hamlet of Carapook or Muntham Pastoral Run in south western Victoria. This hamlet developed on the "Muntham" Pastoral Run and the settlement is located about 1 mile north of Muntham homestead. The four parishes covering this area are Bruk Bruk, Carapook, Beerik and Muntham. Many of the early residents would have been workers employed by Edward HENTY on his Muntham Pastoral Run from 1837.

First Families (1837+) Beerik, Bruk Bruk, Carapook & Muntham

Bruk Bruk landholders listed on 1920 Parish Map

Carapook landholders listed on 1967 Parish Map

1875 Bruk Bruk & Carapook School Petition

1875 Bruk Bruk & Carapook Ratepayers

WW1 & WW2 Carapook Honour Rolls

Map showing Pastoral Runs around Casterton

Please email if you have any information to share which is connected with these or any other early Bruk Bruk, Carapook or Muntham families.
Daryl Povey